8-2 Bookkeeping Procedures

  1. Assets-
    Anything owned that has exchange value, all the entries on a balance sheet that how the property or resources of a person or business.
  2. Bankruptcy-
    The state of being bankrupt, being legally declared unable to pay debts.
  3. Bookkeeper-
    One who records the accounts and transactions of a business.
  4. Business Associate Agreement (BAA)-
    An agreement with a company that ensures the company understands the person’s expectations as to what the company will do with the privileged information they will have access to and the consequences of an inappropriate disclosure.
  5. Journalizing-
    Entries on the daily log.
  6. Ledgers-
    The principal account books of a business establishment, containing the credits and debits.
  7. Petition-
    A written plea in which specific court action is sought.
  8. Posted-
    To transfer charges from the day sheet to patient account records.
  9. Practice Management System (PMS)-
    Computer system used to keep and generate the records and reports of the practice.
  10. Protected Health Information (PHI)-
    Confidential health information that is protected under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  11. Trial Balance-
    Bookkeeping strategy to confirm accuracy in debits and credits in ledger.
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