6-4 Receiving & Sending Office Communications

  1. Abbreviations-
    Shortened form.
  2. Annotating-
    To provide critical or explanatory words.
  3. Cancellation-
    To strike out by crossing with lines; marking a postage stamp or check or to delete an appointment or event.
  4. Certified-
    Holding a certificate; being certificated; guaranteed in writing.
  5. Consecutively-
    A series of things that follow each other.
  6. Domestic-
    Not foreign; private.
  7. Envelope-
    To enclose completely with a cover; a paper container for a letter.
  8. Facsimile-
    An exact copy.
  9. Foreign-
    Anything that is not normally found in the location; usually refers to dirt, splinters, etc.
  10. Guaranteed-
    Assurance that something will be done as specified; a pledge.
  11. Judgment-
    A decision; ability to make the right decisions.
  12. Periodical-
    Appearing at regular intervals of time.
  13. Polling-
    Pertains to obtaining an unauthorized FAX transmission.
  14. Postmark-
    A dated cancellation of a stamp by the post office that also identifies the place of posting.
  15. Priority-
    Preference; state of being first in time, place or mark.
  16. Receipt-
    A written acknowledgement that something has been received.
  17. Recipient-
    One who receives.
  18. Registered-
    Legally certified or authenticated.
  19. Standard-
    Conforming to a custom or law.
  20. Teleconference-
    A meeting held over phone lines incorporating video equipment.
  21. Thermally-
    Pertaining to heat activation.
  22. Transmitted-
    Sent from one person, thing, or place to another.
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6-4 Receiving & Sending Office Communications
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