Common Terms Test 2

  1. CSR
    Certified Shorthand Reporter
  2. RPR
    Registered Professional Reporter
  3. NCRA
    National Court Reporters Association
  4. Remuneration
    A method of payment for services rendered
  5. Per Diem
    Per Day
  6. Pretrial Conference
    Are held before a trial begins to decrease the backlog of cases through settlement.

    (court reporter is regularly assigned to these)
  7. Prima Facie Case
    A case that is legally sufficient to proceed.
  8. Stipulation
    Agreement between counsel.

    (court reporter must record stipulations and transcribe for the record)
  9. A motion for continuance
    A request for more time for a specific reason
  10. Pretrial Order
    An order to set time, place and date of trial and charges all parties with the responsibility to be present at the trial.
  11. Preliminary hearing/Preliminary examination
    Held to determine whether enough evidence is available to hold the accused person for trial.

    (Jury is never present during a preliminary hearing)
  12. Grand Jury investigation
    Like a preliminary hearing, but no one has been arrested. No defendant. Held in secret, behind closed doors.
  13. Ex Parte
  14. Grand Jury
    consists of 23 jurors
  15. Plaintiff
    The person filing the lawsuit. Sometimes known as the petitioner
  16. Defendant
    The party defending himself. sometimes known as the respondent.
  17. Folio
    100 words
  18. Arraignment
    A legal proceeding in which the person accused of a crime is brought before the Court to enter a plea.
  19. Nolo Contendre
    No contest. The defendant neither admits nor denies the charges.
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