4-1 Verbal and Nonverbal Messages

  1. Active Listening-
    Participation in the conversation with another by paraphrasing words and phrases or giving approving or disapproving nods.
  2. Articulate-
    To join together; as in a joint.
  3. Conceptualize-
    To form a concept, thought, notion, or understanding.
  4. Contradict-
    To deny; to assert to contrary of.
  5. Convey-
    to impart, as an idea; to transfer.
  6. Distort-
    To misrepresent; to twist out of usual shape.
  7. Empirically-
    Based on observation or experiment.
  8. Incongruous-
    Lacking harmony or agreement.
  9. Interpret-
    To explain, translate; to determine the meaning.
  10. Intuition-
    The immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning.
  11. Perception-
    Awareness through the senses; the receipt of impressions; consciousness.
  12. Scrupulously-
    With great attention to detail; with great care.
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4-1 Verbal and Nonverbal Messages
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