3-2 Professional Liability

  1. Abandonment-
    To desert, to give up entirely.
  2. Breach-
    Violation of a law, contract, or other agreement.
  3. Chronologic-
    The arrangements of events, dates, etc., in order of occurrence.
  4. Competent-
    Fit, able, capable.
  5. Confrontation-
    To stand face to face with.
  6. Defamation-
    To slander, or to attack the reputation of an individual or group.
  7. Deposition-
    Testimony given under oath.
  8. Doctrine-
    The principles of any branch of knowledge; a belief held or taught.
  9. Encompass-
    To surround, enclose.
  10. Harmonious-
    Having parts combined in a proportionate, orderly, or pleasing arrangement; being peaceable or friendly.
  11. Liability-
    Anything to which a person is liable, responsible, legally bound.
  12. Obligate-
    To bind legally or morally.
  13. Procrastination-
    Intentionally delaying action of something that should be done; to postpone.
  14. Rapport-
    Relationship characterized by harmony and cooperation.
  15. Res Ipsa Loquitur-
    the thing speaks for itself.
  16. Respondeat Superior-
    Let the master answer.
  17. Subpoena Duces Tecum-
    Court process initiated by a party in litigation, compelling production of specific documents and other items, and material in relevance to facts in issue in appending judicial proceedings.
  18. Venereal-
    Pertaining to or transmitted by sexual contact.
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