3-1 Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

  1. Agent-
    One that acts or has the power or authority to act for another.
  2. Artificial Insemination-
    The mechanical placement of semen containing viable sperm into the vagina.
  3. Assault-
    Physical harm; a violent attack.
  4. Battery-
    Any illegal beating of another person.
  5. Biennially-
    Happening once in 2 years.
  6. Civil Law-
    Pertaining to the rights of private individuals; legal proceedings concerning rights that are not criminal.
  7. Coercion-
    To force or compel; to restrain or constrain by force.
  8. Confidentiality-
    to be held in confidence; a secret.
  9. Criminal Law-
    of, involving, or having the nature of a crime.
  10. Defamation-
    To slander, or to attack the reputation of an individual or group.
  11. Emancipated Minor-
    No longer under the care, custody, or supervision of a parent or guardian.
  12. Enact –
    To make into law.
  13. Endorsement-
    The act of endorsing; approving.
  14. Ethics-
    Standards of conduct and moral judgement.
  15. Explicit-
    Clearly and definitely expressed; unambiguous; leaving no room for questions.
  16. Expressed-
    Said in words or by action.
  17. Forge-
    To imitate, especially to counterfeit, as a signature.
  18. Fraudulent-
    Characterized by cheating and deceit; obtained by dishonest means.
  19. Genetic-
    Pertaining to the genes.
  20. Implied-
    Hinted, suggested.
  21. Incompetent-
    Not capable; not legally qualified; deficient.
  22. Intimidation-
    To make afraid; to deter with threats.
  23. Liability-
    Anything to which a person is liable, responsible, legally bound.
  24. Moral-
    A principle of right and wrong in conduct.
  25. Non Compos Mentis-
    General legal term for all forms of mental illness.
  26. Peer Review-
    Assessment by other physicians or scientists in the same field.
  27. Proxy-
    One who has authority to vote or act for another; a certificate of authorization to vote.
  28. Prudent-
    Careful; wise in practical affairs.
  29. Quackery-
    The pretense to knowledge or skill in medicine.
  30. Rational-
    Based on reasoning; sensible.
  31. Reciprocity-
    Mutual exchange, especially the exchange of special privilege.
  32. Revoke-
    To cancel, withdraw, take back.
  33. Statutes-
    Law enacted by legislature; a law established by a legislative body.
  34. Surrogate-
    A substitute; in place of another.
  35. Tort-
    Any wrongful act, damage, or injury done willfully, negligently.
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