Philosophy checklist questions

  1. Predicate that which is being affirmed or denied of the sentence
  2. Subject group of nouns that are being talked about
  3. 4 parts of a categorical sentence quantifer, copula, predicate, and subject
  4. Quality equals of a categorical affirmative and negative
  5. Study truth table
  6. Quanity equals universal or particular
  7. Affirmative is an I. or I sentence
  8. Contradictory relationships are "E" and "I" and "A" and "O" they both can't be true
  9. Sub contraies can both be true but can't be false
  10. Sub alteration A and I relationships are always true E and O relationships are always true however they don't prove that A or E is true because just because some of its true doesn't validate its "all"
  11. Categorical standard form major on top minor on bottom conclusion at the very bottom
  12. When is a term distributed when it all the members of the group
  13. Distribution chart A=subject E=subject and predicate I=nothing O=predicate
  14. USNP universal subject predicate if its universal the subject will be distributed and if the sentence is negative predicate will be distributed
  15. Study 5 rules
  16. Study contigent
  17. Study excluded middle
  18. The principle of contradicautotion
  19. Study contradiction
  20. Tautologie
  21. Sential logic parenthesis or the order you solve the problem
  22. Study categorical structure and hypothetical structure and affirming and denying the consequent
  23. Freshen up on symbols before class
  24. Simplification and logical addition form
  25. Study delimmas
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Philosophy checklist questions
Philosophy checklist questions