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  1. how you stop hemoptysis
    • bronchoscopy
    • if not ┬áthen pulmonary angiography
    • if not then surgery/thoracotomy
  2. rx for an isolated tremor in parkinsons
  3. acute fatty liver of pregnancy
    like help syndrome + renal failure and coagulopathy
  4. low grade fever, leukocytosis + lochia in the first day after delivery is normal or pathological
  5. definition of diabetes
    • glucose >126 on 2 occasion
    • glucose >200 with symptoms on 2 occasions
    • hba1c> 6.5
  6. swelled up eye, painfull eye + opthalmoplegia
    swelled up eye, painfull eye
    • orbital cellulitis
    • preorbital cellulitis
  7. butterfly pattern of a brain tumor on ct
    glioblastoma multiforme
  8. rx for afebrile cough with sputum and no other physical or xray findings
    acute bronchitis--do nothing
  9. which low mcv anemia is thalaseemia
    very low mcv
  10. rx for hypercalcemia of immobilization
  11. long term complication of ankylosing spondylitis
    low bone density and vertebral fracturew
  12. when do you intubate and give peep based on apgar score
    • hr <80
    • if hr<60---chest compressions
  13. peau de orange is what ype of breast cancer
  14. what is dacrocystitis
    infection of lacrimac sac
  15. radiation in the past predisposes to
    secondary malignancy from the radiation
  16. when do you stop magnesium sulfate and give calcium gluconate during labor
    • at first sign of magnesium toxiity-- hyporeflexia
    • 2nd sign--respiratory depression
    • 3rd--cardiotoxicity
  17. uclers from cmv vs herpes
    • cmv--large and shallow
    • herpes--small and deep
  18. side effect of raloxefene
    • venous thrombosis
    • exacerbates hot flashes
  19. what drug can cause hyperthermia and hypothermia
  20. choledochal cyst vs caroli's syndrome
    choledochal--cysts are intra and extrahepatic
  21. all cancers cause what type of nephrotic syndrome except what?
    • all cancers--membranous
    • hodgkin--minimal change disease
  22. cause of bilateral trigeminal neuralgia
  23. best initial rx for angioedema
    long term

  24. what nucleus is decreased in wilsons
  25. rx for arterial thrombus in the leg
    embolectomy or intraarterial streptokinase, not systemic
  26. klumpke's or erb duchene can produce horners
  27. fetal acidosis, hypoxia all produce what type of decelerations
    late decelerations
  28. premature ovarian failure and menopause both have what elevations of fsh and lh?
    FSH/LH >1
  29. most common cause of a brain abscess from an infection in the mouth
  30. the only cause of elevated 17 hydroxyprogesterone
    congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  31. infected umbilical cord?
  32. biggest cause for iugr?
  33. ear pain worse with chewing
    tmj dysfunction
  34. histo or blasto gives skin lesions?
  35. when do you correct vsd
    with large pulmonary vascular disease
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