CA Excel Unit 6

  1. performs mathematical operations that produce a calculated result.
  2. a typical cell reference that changes when copied.
    Reative cell reference:
  3. indicated by dollar signs before the column letter and row number, stays the same regardless of where the formula is copied.
    Absolute cell reference:
  4. combines an absolute reference with a relative reference.
    Mixed cell reference:
  5. is a pre-constructed formula that makes difficult computations less complicated.
  6. refers to the rules for constructing the function.
  7. values as input that perform an indicated calculation, and then return another value as output.
  8. calculates the arithmetic mean, or average, for the values in an
    argument list.
    AVERAGE function:
  9. determines the smallest value of all cells in a list of arguments.
    MIN function:
  10. determines the highest value of all cells in a list of arguments.
    MAX function:
  11. counts the number of cells in a range that contain numerical data.
    COUNT function:
  12. counts the number of cells in a range that are not blank.
    COUNTA function:
  13. finds the mid point value in a set of values.
    MEDIAN function:
  14. displays the current date in a cell
    TODAY function:
  15. uses the computer’s clock to display the current date and time side by
    side in a cell.
    NOW function:
  16. returns one value when a condition is met and returns another value when
    the condition is not met.
    IF function:
  17. looks up an answer from a vertical table of possible
    VLOOKUP function:
  18. calculates the payment of a loan.
    PMT function:
  19. returns the future value of an investment.
    FV function:
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CA Excel Unit 6
CA Excel Unit 6