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  1. when do you use renal captopril scan
  2. best initial dx for renal artery stenosis
    most accurate
    • doppler
    • ct angio or mri angio
  3. do you remove ovarian cysts?
    when do you do observe
    yes bc they can cause ovarian torsion

    observe for a small ovarian cyst like a corpus luteum otherwise remove
  4. advantage of raloxefene
    • improves bone mass
    • decreases risk of breast and endometrial cancer
    • decreases LDL
  5. signs on ekg of transmural infarctions?
    • st elevation
    • q wave
  6. rx for mild vs moderate dehydration in kids
    mild---5% dextrose

    moderate--20 ml/kg/hr
  7. rx for vaginismus
  8. best initial rx for overflow incontinence for prostatic hyperplasia
    • alpha antagonist--prazosin
    • then give 5 alpha reductase
  9. what kind of ovarian tumor has ca125
  10. most common form of melanoma
    superficial spreading
  11. when do you repair umbilical hernias
    after 2
  12. secondary amenohrea work up
    • pregnancy test, tsh, prolactin are normal,¬†
    • then progesterone withdrawal test if no menses, check estrogen and progesterone
  13. coagulopathy, hypothermia and acidosis during surgery, next step,
    close abdomen temporarily
  14. palpable nodule on prostate---biopsy
    high psa but no palpable prostate--sonogram and biopsy
  15. rx in premenopausal women for endometrial hyperplasia without atopy?
    • progestins
    • progestins if fertility is wanted, hysterectomy if fertility is not wanted
  16. what kind of pathology does hemochromatosis cause
    • conduction defects
    • dilated cardiomyopathy
  17. what is the only cause of increased a-a gradient that doesnt correct with oxygen
    • intracardiac shunt
    • ards
  18. dietary modifications in renal calculi
    • decrease protein¬†
    • decrease sodium

    • increase calcium
    • increase fluid
  19. continued seizure causes necrosis of hwat part of the brain
    cortical necrosis
  20. status epilepticus lasts how long
    >5 mins
  21. risk factor for pancreatitis
    • smoking
    • chronic pancreatitis
  22. most common complication sof mumps in kids
    • meningitis
    • testes
  23. proteinuria on dipstick in a kid,next step
    recheck it
  24. what drugs must be stopped prior to a stress test
    • bb
    • ccb
    • nitrates
  25. axillary hair growth results from activation of what organ
    pubic hair growth
    • adrenal glands
    • hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries
  26. what is not significant in terms of precocious puberty
    • adrenarche--axillary hair growth
    • thelarche-- breast development
  27. when do you see intrauterine pregnancy, what level of hcg
  28. hcg doubles every how many hours?
  29. what hematoma crosses midline, cephalo or caput secundum
  30. hosts for echinococcus?
    dogs and sheep
  31. what is the low t3 syndrome
    • low total and free t3
    • normal tsh and t4
  32. pre-test probability affects npv, ppv, sensitivity, specificity?
    npv and ppv
  33. 2 complications of peep
    tension pneumothorax---mediastinal shift, hypotension

    mucus pluggin and atelectasis--decreased oxygen saturation but no mediastinal shift or hypotension
  34. what drug can induce porphyria
  35. cancer on lower lip
    squamous cell carcinoma
  36. col
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