Terminology Chapter 6

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  1. Canal
  2. Condyle
    rounded projection
  3. Crest
    high ridge
  4. Facet
    small rounded surface
  5. Foramen
    hole or opening
  6. Fossa
    basin like depression
  7. Head
    rounded projection or eminence
  8. Line
    low ridge
  9. Meatus
    passage or opening
  10. Process
    any projection
  11. Sinus
    cavity or channel
  12. Spine
    sharp projection
  13. Sulcus
    open ditch-like groove
  14. Suture
  15. Trochanter
    broad flat process
  16. Tubercle
    small rounded eminence
  17. Tuberosity
  18. Flexion
    bending at a joint
  19. Extension
    straightening or unbending of joint
  20. Abduction
    away from the midline
  21. Adduction
    toward the midline
  22. Rotation
    movement that turns on its own axis
  23. Circumduction
    movement that describes a circle
  24. Atlas
    first cervical vertebra
  25. Axis
    second cervical vertebra
  26. Cancellous bone
    inner spongy surface of long bones
  27. Cervical
    vertebrae of the neck
  28. Coccygeal
    vertebrae of the tail
  29. Compact bone
    hard outer shell of bone
  30. Diaphysis
    central part of bone shaft
  31. Epiphysis
    end part of developing bone
  32. Epiphysitis
    inflammation at the end of developing bone
  33. Lumbar
    vertebrae of the back
  34. Mandible
    lower jaw
  35. Maxilla
    upper jaw
  36. Osteoblasts
    bone forming cells
  37. Osteoclasts
    bone remodeling cells
  38. Osteology
    study of bones
  39. Periosteum
    membrane covering bone
  40. Quadruped
    four footed animal
  41. Sacrum
    Fused sacral vertebrae that form where the pelvis is attached
  42. Thoracic
    vertebrae of the thorax
  43. Ungulates
    animals with hooves
  44. Vertebrae
    spinal column bones
  45. Arthrology
    study of joints
  46. Articulation
    joining or connecting (joints)
  47. Bursa
    sacs of synovial fluid near joint surfaces
  48. Cartilagenous
    Joints containing cartilage to bone, allows slight movement (vertebra)
  49. Diathroses
    joint that allows free movement
  50. Fibrous
    joint containing fibrous tissue, no movement (skull)
  51. Arthritis
    acute or chronic inflammation of joints
  52. Bursitis
    inflammation of bursa
  53. Chondroma
    tumor of cartilage cell origin
  54. Comminuted
    Fracture of multiple pieces
  55. Compound
    Fracture with an open wound
  56. Desmitis
    inflammation of a ligament
  57. Greenstick
    fracture with one side broken and the other side bent
  58. osteitis
    inflammation of bone
  59. osteoarthritis
    degenerative joint disease
  60. osteochondritis
    inflammation of cartilage of bone
  61. Osteoma
    bone tissue tumor
  62. Osteomalacia
    softening of bone
  63. Osteomyelitis
    inflammation of periosteum/cancellous/marrow
  64. Osteoporosis
    abnormal loss of bone density
  65. Osteosarcoma
    malignant bone tumor
  66. Spondylitis
    inflammation of vertebrae
  67. synovitis
    inflammation of synovial membrane of a joint
  68. transverse
    Fracture at a right angle to axis
  69. Tendinitis
    inflammation of a tendon
  70. Tendosynovitis
    inflammation of tendon and it's surrounding sheath
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