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  1. Decibals
    Unit used to measure the level of sound waves
  2. Timbre
    The tone quality of an instrukent or voice
  3. Form
    Musical plan or pattern
  4. Contrast
    Having a different melody or rhythm
  5. Binary
    Composition with two sections, A and B
  6. Ternary
    Composition with three sections, ABA
  7. Rondo
    A B A C A B A
  8. Sonata allegro form
    • Three part composition
    • A- exposition
    • B- development
    • A- recapitulation
    • Sometimes coda
    • musical essay!!
  9. Homophonic
    One sound, with accompaniment
  10. Monophonic
    One sound, no accompaniment
  11. Polyphonic
    Two or more melodies of equql importance at same time
  12. Rock
    • First develooed in the 1960's
    • Relies on ampljfied electronic instr.
  13. Classical
    • Origins in religious music
    • European influenced
  14. Traditional
    • The national popular music of any country
    • Go back 100's of years
    • Oral
    • Passed from gen to gen
  15. Jazz
    • Improv
    • Based on time or popular song
  16. Fab five genres
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Classical
    • Traditional
    • Jazz
  17. Tempo: largo
    Very slow
  18. Tempo: andante
  19. Tempo: allegro
    Moderately fast
  20. Tempo: pnesto
    Very fast
  21. Rock song
  22. Waltz
  23. March
  24. Syncopation
    Temperary shifting of the rhythm accent from an accented beat to a normally unaccented beat
  25. Polyrhythm
    The conflict of two or more rhythms within the same meter ex. Afrucan drum circle
  26. Pitch
    Refers to the highness/lowness of a sound
  27. Melody
    Sequence of musical sounds
  28. Contour
    Shape of the melody
  29. Imitation
    Repitition of a melody
  30. Canon
    More complex round
  31. Variation
    The melody is repeated but something has been changed
  32. Retrograde
    Play the melody backwards
  33. Inversion
    Play melody upside down
  34. Dimminusion
    Smaller melody
  35. Augmentation
    Make melody longer
  36. Tonality
    Key or tonal center
  37. Modulation
    When a key or tone center changes in the music
  38. Intervals
    Distance between two pitches
  39. Folk
    the music of a common people of a society or geographical area
  40. Ethnic
    music that is characteristic of a particular culture or group of people
  41. Work songs
    songs that accompany labor such as sea chanteys, sing to pass the time
  42. Occupational songs
    songs about work
  43. Dance music
    square dancing, i.e. skip to my lou
  44. Native american Music purpose
    The music accompanies dance rituals and ceremonies
  45. Native American Instruments
    Drums, rattles, flutes
  46. Native American Songs
    Consist of two or more sections that are repeated, simple melodies
  47. Aerophones
    Sound produced by air being the main vibration source
  48. Chordophones
    Vibrating strings stretched between two points
  49. Idiophones
    A wide variety of percussion instruments
  50. Membranophones
    Drum type that uses a tightened stretched skin
  51. Percussion instrument info
    Makes a sound when you hit shake or scrape, two types, pitched and unpitched
  52. string instruments info
    sound is produced when a string vibrates by plucking or bowing it
  53. wind: woodwind and brass
    Column of air inside an instrument vibrates
  54. Electric instruments info
    electricity amplifies sound waves
  55. Keyboard instruments info
    two types: vibrating string (piano) , vibrating column of air (organ)
  56. Woodwind instr.
    picolo-flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, saxaphone
  57. string instr.
    violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp
  58. Brass instr.
    French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba
  59. Percussion instr.
    Timpani, bass drum, symbol, tambourine, triangle, snare drum, wood block, xylophone, castanets, gong, whip
  60. Violin
    smallest of sting family, plays highest, play melody in orchestra
  61. Viola
    Similar in looks to violin, a bit bigger, plays a lower range
  62. Cello
    similar in shape to the violin and viola, much larger, is held between the knees, long pin supports on floor, lower then v and v
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