qbank 26

  1. cause of fanconi anemia
    chromosomal break
  2. syphilic ulcer vs granuloma inguinale
    both have painless ulcers but only syphilic has inguinal lymphadenopathty
  3. difference between androgen insensitivity vs 5 alpha reductase deficiency
    androgen insensitivity the male will always have female external genitalia

    alpha reductase deficeicny--at puberty the female genitalia will become virilized
  4. most common preventable cause of intrauterine growth restriction
  5. persistent pneumothorax
    bronchial rupture
  6. any cns abnormality of anaphylaxis following dtap, next step
    dont administer the acellular pertussis component
  7. prevalence odds ratio is calculated where
    odds ratio
    relative risk
    • in cross-sectional studeies
    • case control
    • cohort
  8. contraception for lactating mothers
    progestin only
  9. emphysematous cholecystistis
    due to gas forming bacteria
  10. rx for aspiration of object in a little kid
    rigid bronchoscopy
  11. motor of face, hand and leg affected, what artery is affected
  12. complications of anorexia
    • arrhythmias
    • osteoprosis
    • high cholesterol
    • amenorhea
    • intrauterine growth restriction
    • euthyroid sick syndrome
  13. antibodies in congenital lupus heart block
  14. supravalvular aortic stenosis in what syndrome
  15. intrauterine fetal demise and no evidence of dic, next step
    discuss options of delivery--vaginal or c section
  16. rx for metastatic bone pain from cancer
  17. first step in congential dipahragmatic hernia
    nasogastric tube to prevent expansion of the bowel
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