1. The left bronchial arteries are usually two in number, and arise from the _______ aorta.
  2. the right broncial artery, arises from the 1st _______ intercostal, or from the upper _______ broncial artery.

  3. the _______ pleura innervated by intercostals & phrenic nerves. is it sensitive to pain?
    • Parietal
    • yes
  4. the sternum bounds the the heart __________.
  5. the SVC is the direct venous drainage of the ________ wall (A&M pg 67-68)
    Thoracic wall
  6. a thrombus/thrombi is another term for _______ _______
    •blood clotting
  7. 35.In relationship to blood vessels the term ________ refers to communications between multiple branches of arteries providing numerous detours for blood flow in case of obstruction, etc.
  8. the importance of the anastomosis between the superior and inferior
    epigastric blood vessels is that they both can supply the __________
    region with blood
  9. ____________( of the nervous system) is normal function & energy conservation ________, part of the autonomic system comprises the preganglionic fibers that issue from the brain stem (cranial nerves III, VII, IX, X, XI) and sacral part of the spinal cord (segments S2,3 or S3,4
    • parasympathatic
    • cranial sacral
  10. _________ is “fight or flight” or thoracolumbar, part of the autonomic system comprises the preganglionic fibers that issue from the _________ and upper lumbar levels of the spinal cord
    • Sympathetic
    • thoracic
  11. _______ is the endocrine gland in the thorax
  12. *are considered endocrine function due to special cells.*
    37.Name the endocrine organ(s) that are found in the thorax, in the abdomen, and in the pelvis.
    the*_________(gastrin), *__________(secretion), __________, _________ and, __________ are endocrine organs that are found in abdomen.
    • stomach
    • duodenum
    • kidney,
    • adreneal
    • pancreas -
  13. the _______ and _________ are the endocrine glands in the pelvis
    ovaries and testies
  14. ___________ is a band-like skin area supplied by the sensory fibers of a single dorsal root through the dorsal and ventral rami of its spinal nerve. ______ or more intercostal nerves in adjacent intercostals spaces must be damaged
    • dermatome
    • two
  15. __________ ________, ___________ , and _________ are the internal boundaries of the abdominal cavity
    • Abdominal walls, diaphragm, and pelvis
  16. anterior sheath is comprised of the aponeurosis of the _________ oblique and an _________ layer of the aponeurosis of __________ oblique
    • external
    • anterior
    • internal
  17. posterior sheath of the _________ layer of the _________ oblique and the aponeurosis of the transversus abdominis muscle.
    • posterior
    • internal
  18. movment of bowls and flexing the trunk and moving it side to side are all functions of the _________ __________ muscles
    abdominal wall muscles
  19. __________, _______ ________, and _________ are main muscles of the posterior abdominal wall
    • • Psoas
    • • Quadratus Lumborum
    • • Iliacus
  20. ___________ _________ (t8)(the abdominal openings of the respiratory diaphragm )permits the IVC
    caval opening (foreamen)
  21. the abdominal openings of the respiratory diaphragm, the ________ _______ at T10, permits the ___________ and ________ trunk
    • esophageal hiatus
    • esophagus and vagal
  22. the abdominal opening of the respiratory diaphragm, the _____ ________ at T12, permits the _______, and the _______ vein, etc.
    • aortic hiatus
    • aorta
    • azygos
  23. contraction of the diaphram helps venous blood return in the _______ opening.
  24. the ____________ hiatus acts as a esophgeal spincter during contraction
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