qbank 25

  1. dieufloy lesion
    submucosal vein in the gi tract  that bleeds and regresses when it doesnt bleed
  2. rx for pagets
  3. which one causes cellulitis, v. vulnificus or parahemolyticus
  4. when do you start allopurinol for gout
    after 3 attacks/year
  5. when do you measure urinary uric acid excretion?
    when do you use probenecid
    • never
    • never
  6. when do you measure serum uric acid or urinary excretion of uric acid
  7. at what ph do you do c section or forcep delivery to protect the fetus
    ph <7.2
  8. at what station do you do forceps or vacuum delivery?
    at 2+ and 3+
  9. rx for follicular carcinoma
    thyrodectomy + radioactive iodine
  10. when do you treat thrombocytopenia
    if platelets <30,000 or bleeding
  11. when do you intubate?
    • if no respirations or 
    • respirations <10 and low saturation
  12. pelvic injury and bloody urine, next step
    retrograde cystogram
  13. drugs conscious sedation?
    unconscious ?

  14. screening test to c if mixing of blood between fetus and mother occur
    rosette test
  15. prophylaxis for cluster, migraine
    bb or ccb
  16. risk of developement of bipolar in general population
    • 1 %
    • if first relative has it--10%
  17. deficiency in gauchers
    beta glucosidase
  18. difference on phycial exam betweenn pleural effusion and consolidation
    consolidation has increased TVF
  19. mcc of mucopurulent discharge of cervix
  20. in emergency situations, first step
    • airway, breathing
    • circulation
  21. hyperactive bowel sounds, obstipation, dx?
    small bowel obstruction
  22. diarrhea in hiv patients difference between cmv and mac
    • cmv--bloddy
    • mac--non bloody
  23. stress fracture vs morton neuroma
    stress fracture is tenderness over the dorsum of the metatarsals

    motor neuroma is tenderness between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal on squeezing
  24. what causes nikolsky sign
    • ssss
    • ten
    • pemphigus
  25. sand papaer like textrue, actinic keratosis or seborheic keratosis
    actinic keratosis
  26. 2 drugs that cause priapism
    • trazodone
    • prazosin
  27. rx for warm agglutinin
    rx for cold agglutinin
    • steroids
    • rituximab
    • splenectomy

    cold--supportive care and transfusions
  28. painless jaundice with weightloss
    pancreatic adenocarcinoma
  29. tick bite + leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, high lfts
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