1. 40 Andrew
    40 Brother of Simon Peter and one of Jesus' first disciples. Was a follower of John the Baptist. When JTB identified Jesus as the Lamb of God, Peter and Andrew followed Jesus.
  2. 40 Annas
    40 High Priest at Jerusalem along with Caiaphas when JTB began his ministry.
  3. 40 Caiaphas
    40 Sadducee who was high priest with Annas during JTB's ministry.
  4. 40 John the Baptist
    40 Forerunner of Jesus; moral reformer and preacher of messianic hope; cousin of Jesus.
  5. 40 Herod
    40 The name of several Roman rulers in Israel during Jesus' earthly ministry, the periods shortly before His birth, and after His resurrection.
  6. 40 Pilate
    40 The fifth Roman procurator of Judea (ruled 26-36 AD), who issued the official order sentencing Jesus to death by crucifixion.
  7. 40 Simon of Cyrene
    40 The man who was forced to carry Jesus' cross.
  8. 42 Zacharias
    42 Priest, husband of Elizabeth, and father of John the Baptist. Couldn't speak but later prophesied of his son’s ministry.
  9. 42 Elizabeth
    42 Wife of Zacharias, barren, later mother of John the Baptist, relative of Mary.
  10. 42 Mary
    42 Mother of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit as a virgin. Husband was Joseph.
  11. 42 Gabriel
    42 Angel who announced the miraculous births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ to Elizabeth and Mary.
  12. 42 Martha and Mary
    42 Sisters of Lazarus; one too busy and one who worshipped Jesus.
  13. 42 Zaccheus
    42 Repentant, tree-climbing tax gatherer.
  14. 43 Mary Magdalene
    43 One of Jesus' most prominent Galilean female disciples. She is not the woman of bad character and loose morals from Luke 7.
  15. 43 Nathanael
    43 Native of Cana in Galilee who became a disciple of Jesus. Nathanael was introduced to Jesus by his friend Philip.
  16. 43 Nicodemus
    43 A Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin who probably became a disciple of Jesus. Jesus told him he must be born again.
  17. 44 Agrippa
    44 Roman ruler of Galilee and eventual ruler of the territory governed by his grandfather, Herod the Great. Paul appeared before the other Agrippa (II).
  18. 44 Ananias
    44 A Christian who, with his wife Sapphira, sold land and withheld money he pledged to the church. Was killed by God.
  19. 44 Apollos
    44 A learned and eloquent Jew from Alexandria in Egypt and an influential leader in the early church. Was a disciple of JTB, and only knew some of Jesus' teaching. Aquilla and Priscilla clued him in.
  20. 44 Aquila
    44 Jewish Christian living in Corinth with his wife Priscilla when Paul arrived there. He and Priscilla traveled with Paul from Corinth.
  21. 44 Barnabas
    44 Name means "son of encouragement." An apostle in the early church and Paul's companion on his first missionary journey.
  22. 44 Matthias
    44 The disciple chosen to succeed Judas Iscariot as an apostle.
  23. 44 Cornelius
    44 A Roman soldier stationed in Caesarea who was the first recorded Gentile convert to Christianity.
  24. 44 Eutychus
    44 Young man of Troas who fell asleep while listening to a sermon by the apostle Paul and "fell down from the third story." Paul raised him from the dead.
  25. 44 Felix
    44 Roman procurator, or governor, of Judea before whom the apostle Paul appeared.
  26. 44 Festus
    44 The successor of Felix as Roman procurator of Judea.
  27. 44 Gamaliel
    44 Famous member of the Jewish Sanhedrin and a teacher of the Law. He taught Paul and advised the Sanhedrin to treat the apostles of the young Christian church with moderation.
  28. 44 Philip
    44 An evangelist. Witnessed from Isaiah 53 to the Ethiopian Eunich.
  29. 44 Priscilla
    44 Wife of Aquila. Left Corinth to travel with Paul.
  30. 44 Rhoda
    44 Servant girl in the home of Mary, mother of John Mark. Answered Peter's knock after God miraculously released him from prison.
  31. 44 Sapphira
    44 Wife of Ananias; killed by God for lying to God.
  32. 44 Silas
    44 Accompanied Paul to Antioch of Syria to report the decision of the Jerusalem Council to accept Gentile Christians into the Church. Went on 2nd missionary journey with Paul.
  33. 44 Simon Magus
    44 Sorcerer who tried to buy spiritual powers from the apostle Peter.
  34. 44 Stephen
    44 One of the first seven deacons of the early church and the first Christian martyr.
  35. 50 Epaphroditus
    50 Servant of Paul left in Philippi.
  36. 54 Alexander
    54 False teacher in Ephesus where Timothy served as pastor.
  37. 55 Eunice
    55 Timothy’s grandmother.
  38. 55 Lois
    55 Timothy’s mother.
  39. 57 Philemon
    57 Christian slave owner.
  40. 57 Onesimus
    57 Slave who receives Christ under Paul's ministry and must now return to his master.
  41. 64 Demetrius
    64 Loved the preeminence.
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