Geometric and Laboratory terms

  1. parallel
    2 or more right lines that extend in the same direction and are equidistant. they will never meet.
  2. right angle
    an angle that meets at 90 degrees
  3. perpendicular
    2 lines that meet at a right angle
  4. concentric circles
    different sized circles having a common center
  5. eccentric circles
    2 circles in the same plane that do not have the same center
  6. parallax
    the apparent displacement of an object when viewed from 2 different points
  7. meniscus
    the curved, upper surface of a liquid column within a container due to a rise along the contact surface.
  8. capillary action
    the effect of liquid being pulled into a fine-bored tube. the smaller the lumen, the greater the capillary action
  9. density
    the amount of mass per unit volume
  10. refractometer
    an instrument used to determine the concentraction or "refractive index" of a substance
  11. specific gravity
    a means of comparing densities to that of water. SG has no units
  12. unit
    a form of measurement
  13. barrel
    part that contains liquid or air
  14. plunger
    structure that is pulled to draw liquid or air into the syringe
  15. tip or hub
    structure that connects the needle to the syringe
  16. unit markings
     are on the barrel, and are usually expressed in ml or cc
  17. common needle sizes
    30g, 25g, 22g, 20g, 18g, 16g,
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