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  1. causes of osteo
    • low bmi
    • low estrogen
    • low testosteroe
  2. microhematuria following minor trauma, next step
    urinary work up starting with sono bc there might be congenital defect
  3. rx for asceniding cholangitis
    biliary decompression and cholecystectomy sometime later
  4. dx of angiodysplasia
    • colonoscopy
    • angiogram
  5. most accurate test for ejection fraction
    muga scan

    echo is best initial
  6. best initial drug for alzheimers
  7. cells responsible for bronchoconstriction in exercise vs allergen induced asthma

  8. rx for exercise induced asthma
    albuterol or cromolyn before exercise
  9. rx for meningitis thats identified on gram stain as gram + cocci
    ceftriaxone + vanco
  10. isolated abnormality of the biliary tree producing jaundice in ayoung patient, next step
    surgery for choledochal cyst bc it might turn into cholangiocarcinoma
  11. difference between dubin johnson and rotor syndrome
    both have conjugated bilirubin but rotor has high corpoporphyrin
  12. carpal tunnel is exacerbated by dorsi or ventral flexion
  13. orange peel of the breast comes with what cancers
  14. complication of open cholecysterocyt of laparscopy procedue on the biliary tract
    stricture producing cholangitis and high ALP
  15. how long does lochia last
    up to 8 weeks
  16. how long is prostitis treated for
    1 month
  17. rx for prostitis
  18. rx for tetanus
    • ig
    • antitoxin
    • abx
  19. prophylaxis for gonnococcal conjunctivitis
    rx for it
    • silver nitrate
    • systemic ceftriaxone
  20. rx for herpes simplex conjunctivitis and keratitis
    iv acyclovir
  21. which volumes of the lung can be measured with spirometer
    • vc
    • ic
    • erv
    • tv
  22. rx for ards
    • low tidal volume
    • high PEEP
    • high Oxygen Concentration
  23. most sensitive test for pheo
    most accurate
    plasma metanephrines

    ct or mri
  24. when do you replace aortic valve in regurg
    • EF<55
    • EF<60
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