1. A check drawn on a bank's own funds and signed by a responsible blank official
    Cashier's check
  2. The acknowledgment by a bank of receipt of money with an agreement of repayment
    Certificate of deposit
  3. a check for which the bank assures that the drawer has sufficient funds to make payment
    Certified check
  4. an order by a depositor on the bank to pay a sum of money to a payee
  5. The body of law concerned with private or purely personal rights
    Civil Law
  6. A designation which applies to a corporation in which outstanding share of stock and managerial control are held by a limited number of people
    Close corporation
  7. A writing drawn in a special from which can be transferred from person to person as a substitute for money or as an instrument of credit
    Commercial paper
  8. Customs which have become recognized by the courts as binding on the community
    Common law
  9. an award paid to the injured party to cover the exact amount of their loss, but no more
    Compensatory Damages
  10. The written request which initiates a civil law suit
  11. That which the promisor demands and receives as the price for a promise
  12. one to whom goods are shipped by common carrier
  13. an agreement between two or more competent persons which is enforceable by law
  14. a seller agrees to transfer title to good for a consideration( price) at a future time
    Contract to sell
  15. The necessity that the parties desiring to enter into contracts meet all requirements
    Contractual Capacity
  16. a business entity created by statutory laws and owned by individuals known as stockholders
  17. an intended acceptance which changes or qualifies and original offer and in effect, rejects that offer and becomes a new offer
  18. a person who is not a party to a contract to whom the promisor of a contract owes an obligation or duty
    Creditor Beneficiary
  19. an offense which is injuries to society as a whole
  20. Laws dealing with crimes and the punishment of wrongdoers
    Criminal Law
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