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  1. definition of coma
    • absent cortex functions--non responsiveness, decorticate  rigiditiy
    • brainstem---pupillary reflexes, vestibulo-ocular reflexes
    • body tempreature
    • apnea test
  2. most accurate test for pericarditis
    • ekg
    • echo
  3. hematuria + flank pain with nephrotic syndrome, dx
    • renal vein thrombosis
    • most accurate test is ct angio
  4. deficiency of factor 8 antigen is
    von willebrand factor
  5. choice of study for valve vegetations?
  6. dysphagia for solids with history of GERD?
    peptic stricture...not cancer if no weightloss is present
  7. dyspnea, and enlarged heart and a speckled pattern on the echo of the heart
  8. dilation of intra and extrahepatic bile ducts and blood in stool
    cancer of the ampulla of vater causing anemia and bocking the bile ducts
  9. when do you treat htn in pregnancy
    if diastolic blood pressure >100mm Hg
  10. when do you order a chest xray for pulmonary infection
    • if vital signs are abnormal
    • signs of consolidation on physical or rales
    • high index of suspiscion
  11. what is the large bowel equivalent of postoperative ileus
    • oglive syndrome--pseduo-obstruction
    • neostigmine
  12. post infectious neurological sequally involving peripheral paralysis and central
    not gbs but acute
  13. two types of acute mesenteric ischemia
    • occlusive--via embolus
    • non occlusive---dilation and narrowing of mesenteric vessels on angiogram
  14. does aspirin cause bleeding of healthy colonic mucosa
    no, so if its bleeding, colonoscopy
  15. most common visceral arterial aneurysm
    predispostion to rupture
    • splenic artery
    • pregnancy
  16. rx for asymptomatic hocm
    advice not to exert themselves
  17. pericarditis refractory to nsaids
  18. most important factor in determining treatment of visceral lymphoma
    depth of invasion of the gastric wall
  19. can you get neurocysticysrosis without eating meat
    yes if the water that irrigates vegetables is contaminated
  20. asymptomatic blood in stool in a <45 person, next step
    ansocpye and flexible sigmoidoscopy in the office
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