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  1. masseter
    Strongest jaw muscle; elevates mandible
  2. Sternomastoideus
    Flex and Rotates head
  3. Pectoralis
    Makes the bulk of the chest muscle
  4. Biceps Brachii
    Lowers anterior surface of the arm. Tendon attached to the radius
  5. Pronator Teres
    Pronate the forearm(turning it's palm posterierly)
  6. Latissimus Dorsi
    Larger, flat, dorso-lateral musscle on the trunk, posterior to arm
  7. Rectus Abdominis
    Paired muscle running vertically on side of anterior wall of abdomin
  8. Gluteus Superficialis
    helps protect the thigh
  9. Gracilis
    Most superficial muscle on the medial side of the thigh
  10. Gastroncnemius
    calf muscle helps with running and walking
  11. Acromiotrapezius
    Relation with spine of scapula and acromion
  12. Spinodeltoideus
    Raises and rotates the numerous outward
  13. Triceps
    extension of elbows joint
  14. Biceps Femoris
    Forms part of the hamstring muscle group
  15. Semitendinous
    Must be in back of the thigh. One of the hamstrings
  16. Flexion
    A movement in the anterior, posterior plane that reduces the angle between articulationg elements.
  17. Extension
    An increase in the angle between two articulains bones; the opposite of flexion
  18. Adduction
    Movement toward the axis or midline of the body as viewed in the anatomitical position
  19. Abduction
    movement away from the midline
  20. Promation
    Rotation of the forearm that makes the palm face posterialy
  21. Suppination
    Rotation of the forearm such palms face anteriorly
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