Female Reproductive System

  1. What are the organs of the FRS?
    • Ovaries
    • Duct System
    • External Genitalia
  2. What are the parts of the duct system?
    • Uterine tubes
    • Uterus
    • Vagina
  3. What is the anatomy of the ovaries?
    Composed of ovarian follicles, made up of the oocyte and follicular cells
  4. What are the Ovarian follice stages?
    • Primary - immature oocyte
    • Graafian - growing follicle with a maturing oocyte
    • Ovulation - when the egg is mature, the follicle ruptures
    • Ruptured follicle is transformed into a corpeus luteum
  5. What supports the ovaries?
    • Suspensory ligaments
    • Ovarian ligaments - attach to uterus
    • Broad ligament
  6. What do the uterine tubes do?
    • Receives ovulated egg
    • Provide site for fertilization
    • Is not physically attached to the ovary
  7. How does the uterine tube function?
    • Fimbriae - finger like projections receive oocyte
    • Cilia - move oocyte towards uterus (3 - 4) days
    • Fertilization occurs inside the uterine tube
  8. What is the uterus/what does it do?
    Hollow organ between the bladder and the rectum that receives, retains, and nourishes the fertilized egg.
  9. What supports the uterus?
    • Broad ligament - attached to pelvis
    • Round ligament - anchored interiorly
    • Uterosacral ligaments - anchored posteriorly
  10. What are the regions of the uterus?
    • Body - main portion
    • Fundus - area where uterine tube inserts
    • Cervix - narrow outlet that protrudes into the vagina
  11. How are the walls of the uterus made?
    • Endometrium - Innerlayer, lost during menstration, egg is implanted in
    • Myometrium - Middle layer of smooth muscle
    • Serous layer - Outer visceral peritoneum
  12. What is the vagina?
    Birth/Sex canal that extends from cervix to exterior of the body, and sits behind bladder and in front of rectum
  13. What are the parts of the external genitilia?
    • Mons pubis - fatty, hairy area
    • Labia - majora and minora
    • Vestibule - Contains opening of urethra/greater vestibular glands
    • Clitoris - Erectile tissue
  14. What is Oogenesis?
    • Total supply of eggs present at birth
    • Release begins at puberty
    • Ends at menopause
    • Oocytes are matured in ovarian follicles
  15. What are oogonia?
    Female stem cells found in a developing fetus that no longer exist at the time of birth.
  16. What is oogenesis?
    • Oocytes inactive until puberty
    • FSH causes them to mature
    • Meiosis completed only if sperm penetrates
    • Creates 2 polar bodies - cells only females have
  17. What are the stages of the menstrual cycle?
    • Menses - endometrium is sloughed off
    • Proliferative stage - regeneration of functional layer
    • Secretory stage - endometrium increases in size and prepares for implantation
  18. What are the mammary glands?
    Modified sweat glands that produce milk
  19. What are the parts of the mammary gland?
    • Areola
    • Nipple
    • Lobes - Internal structures that radiate around nipple
    • Alveolar Glands - Clusters of milk producing glands within lobules
    • Lactiferous Ducts - Connect alveolar glands to the nipple
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