Jetblue facts

  1. What are the 3 types of air crafts jetblue flies?
    • The E190 c/ 100 seats
    • The A320 c/ 150 seats
    • The A321 c/ 190 seats
  2. What are the 5 values of Jetblue?
    • Safety
    • Integrity
    • Caring
    • Passion
    • Fun
  3. What is the Jetblue Moto?
    Inspire Humanity
  4. What are the 5 Be's of Jetblue?
    • Be thankful
    • Be engaging
    • Be in Blue always
    • Be Personal
    • Be the answer
  5. We always check ask blue to answer questions because we give 3 types of info. What are they?
    Correct, Current, and Consistant
  6. What does the star mean on ask blue?
    A process inside a bigger process
  7. Where do we go to find a process in ask blue?
    "Browse Topics"
  8. What are the 6 reasons that we would not charge a booking fee when booking a reservation for a customer?
    • Customers with special needs
    • Cu c/ pet
    • UMNR
    • groups of 7+
    • MFOP (Multiple forms of Payment)
    • Cu receiving a specific internet error message.
  9. Where do we check very first when looking up a reservation?
    • Remarks for a spider comment
    • **credit card advisory**
  10. What would we say to a customer who called and has a spider note in the remarks?
    "We were unable to validate your payment and the reservation has been canceled"
  11. Who can we give information out to on a fraud account?
    No one not even the police
  12. Who do we call if fraud is reported and the flight has not been flown yet?
    Crew Support
  13. What does spider stand for?
    • Suspicious
    • PNR
    • Indicator
    • Data
    • Examination
    • Resource
  14. What is step #1 on a call (after checking remarks on an account)?
    Record the spider #
  15. What is spider email?
  16. PNR
    Passenger Name Record
  17. VCR
    Virtual Coupon Record
  18. Face of the PNR
    Home page of the PNR
  19. Flight Segment
    Each flight a customer takes as part of their itinerary
  20. SS Status
    Segment selected status
  21. HK status
    Holding and confirmed status
  22. historical remarks
    facts added to a reservation that are permaent and can be referred to later
  23. TE
    Ticket (Electronic)
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