1. balmy
    warm; refreshing; mild
  2. profligate
    recklessly extravagant or wasteful
  3. prolific
    producing a great deal; reproducing rapidly
  4. prolix
    wordy; verbose
  5. promulgated
    openly declared; proclaimed
  6. abscon
    to leave secretly and in haste, usually to escape the law
  7. cliche
    an overused expression
  8. melancholic
    excessively and unreasonably brooding; chronically depressed
  9. addicted
    physiologically or psychologically dependent upon; completely self subjected to some habit
  10. cloister
    a secluded or isolated place; a monastery or convent; to shut off from the world; to seclude
  11. coagulate
    to thicken; to gather in a mass
  12. banal
    commonplace; trite
  13. bard
    a poet
  14. barrister
    an attorney or lawyer
  15. beneficence
    a good or kindness
  16. bellicose
    hostile; warlike; aggressive
  17. bathos
    excessive or trivial sentimentality;  that which arouses insincere sorrow or pity; an unimportant anticlimax
  18. prone
    naturally inclined or disposed; having a tendency
  19. aberration
    a change from the usual, normal, prescribed; a disorder of the min
  20. brandish
    to shake or wave threateningly, defiantly, or triumphantly
  21. propagate
    to spread info from one person to another; to reproduce or multiply
  22. coalesce
    to combine or come together in one body; to unite; to fuse
  23. coalition
    a union or joining together; a temporary alliance
  24. coercion
    a compelling or forcing; forced restraint or constraint;  control by force
  25. absolution
  26. abstemious
    sparing or moderate in eating and drinking
  27. adduced
    brought out or offered for consideration or proof; alleged
  28. adjudicated
    determined in court; judged
  29. malediction
    an evil and damaging statement; a curse
  30. celibacy
    the state of refraining from marriage and sexual relations
  31. chaotic
    in a state of chaos; mixed up; confused and disorderly
  32. charlatan
    one who pretends to have knowledge that he does not have; an imposter; a quack
  33. chary
    hesitant; cautious; wary
  34. chauvinistic
    unreasonably devoted or loyal to one's own group, race, sex, or status
  35. propensity
    a natural tendency
  36. propinquity
    nearness or closeness; kinship; affinity
  37. propitiated
    appeased; satisfied; gained favor
  38. petulant
    irritable; fretful; impatient
  39. philatelist
    stamp collector
  40. pinnacle
    peak; summit
  41. piquant
    interesting; charmingly lively; spicy
  42. acquiesced
    yielded; gave in; assented
  43. cogent
    convincing to the mind; compelling
  44. vicissitude
    natural but unanticipated change; element of chance in daily life
  45. virago
    a loud mouthed, bad tempered woman
  46. virulent
    extremely harmful; maliciouss
  47. cognizant
    having knowledge; perceptive; aware; comprehending
  48. empathy
    understanding and identification with the mental state and emotions of another person
  49. empirical
    based on observation or direct experience only and not on theory, speculation, etc
  50. emulate
    to strive to equal or surpass; to successfully rival
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