Procedures test 1

  1. Tact
    A keen sense to know what to say and do in any given circumstance
  2. Confidentiality - three instances
    • 1. Grand Jury investigations
    • 2. Family Court proceedings
    • 3. any court-ordered proceeding to be held confidentially.
  3. Realtime translation/ Closed Captioning
    Immediate transcription of notes
  4. Computer-aided Transcription
    CAT - computer transcribes the shorthand notes
  5. Assistive Reporting
    Any type of reporting that serves as a help or aid to someone in communication. I.e. closed captioning for the hearing impaired.
  6. Official court reporters
    Reporters who are employed by a court to report arraignments, sentencing procedures, parole hearings, jury trials and appeals before a magistrate, hearing officer or judge.
  7. Freelance reporters
    Reporters used by lawyers to report arbitrations, negotiations, board hearings, or depositions.
  8. Depositions/ EBT's
    Examinations before trial
  9. Closed Captioning
    A service that is offered by television broadcasting stations.
  10. The Americans with disabilities act/ ADA
    An act that addresses closed captioning
  11. CART/ Communication access realtime translation
    Used in educational settings where students of all ages have various levels of hearing deficiencies. Also can be used in other instances like church settings.
  12. CART providers
    those who offer the service of CART
  13. Litigation support services
    Extra services that a reporter or agency will offer to their clients
  14. Examples of litigation support services
    keyword indexing, condensed transcript, instant viewing, ASCII file
  15. Keyboard Indexing
    The ability to have a running index appear at the beginning of a transcript that will list by page an line number the occurences of a particular word or phrase within an entire transcript
  16. Condensed transcript
    a compressed transcript that is two to four smaller pages on one regular-sized piece of transcript paper
  17. ASCII file/ The American standard code for information interchange
    can be read by a variety of software programs
  18. The Human Factor
    Another name for a live court reporter. The human factor is responsible for producing a quick and accurate transcript
  19. Perserverance
    persistance, tenacity, determination. all factors of a court reporter.
  20. Two broad categories of a court reporter
    Writing and reading
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