Male Reproductive System

  1. Primary sex organs of males?
    Testis - produce sperm (male gametes)
  2. What are the parts of the male reproductive system?
    • Testes
    • Duct System
    • Accessory Organs
    • External genitalia
  3. What are the parts of the duct system?
    • Epididymus
    • Ductus Deferens/Vans Deferens
    • Urethra
  4. What are the accessory organs of the MRS?
    • Seminal Vesicle
    • Prostate Gland
    • Bulbourethral Gland
  5. What are the external genitalia of the MRS?
    Penis Scrotum
  6. What are the coverings of the testes?
    • Tunica Albuginea - capsule that surrounds each testes
    • Septa - extensions of the capsule that extend inwards and divide testes into lobules
  7. What are the seminiferous tubules?
    Tightly coiles structures inside the testes that produce sperm and send it to the rete testis, then to the epididymus.
  8. What is the epididymus?
    Comma shaped, tightly coiled tube on the superior part of the testes that stores sperm cells for at least 20 days.

    Expels sperm to the vas deferens when the walls of the epididymus contracts.
  9. What is the Ductus/Vans Deferens?
    Carries sperm from the epididymus to the ejaculatory duct, through the inguinal canal, over the bladder, via peristalsis.
  10. What is the spermadic cord?
    Ductus deferens, blood vessels, and nerves in connective tissue sheath
  11. What are the regions of the urethra?
    • Prostatic
    • Membranous - from prostatic to penis
    • Spongy - runs through the penis
  12. What are the seminal vesicles?
    Located at the base of the bladder, produces a thick, yellowish secretion that is 60% sperm and fructose, vitamin C, Prostaglandins.
  13. What is the prostate gland?
    Encircles the upper part of the urethra and secretes milky fluid that enters the urethra through ducts, and helps activate sperm
  14. What are the bulbourethral Glands?
    Pea sized gland inferior to prostate that produces a thick, clear mucous that cleanses the urethra of acid, serves as a lubricant during sex
  15. What does the scrotum do?
    Maintains temperature at 3 degrees C lower than body temperature to make sure sperm are viable.
  16. What is spermatogenesis and how does it work?
    • Production of sperm cells
    • Takes 64 - 72 days
  17. What is sperm?
    • Male reproductive cell
    • Only human flagellated cell
    • DNA is found in the head
  18. What is testosterone?
    • Produced in interstitial cells
    • Stimulated reproductive organs
    • Underlies sex drive
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