1. SPOC
    Single Point of Contact
  2. Recognizing that a customer's psychological needs must be met when resolving incidents is called:
    Customer Differentiating
  3. What is the best way to minimize conflict with a customer?
    Remain Friendly with the customer.
  4. A talkative customer can result in extented call times. What is the best practice for disengaging from a customer?
    Recap the customer's actions.
  5. What is the responsibility of the support center?
    Ensure that service is provided per service level agreement.
  6. When is it most appropriate for an escalation?
    Take a break.
    Go to training.
    You have exhausted al resources.
    You have little or no experience with the incident.
    You have exhausted all resources.
  7. What is the best way to handle calls non-supported items?
    Advise the customer of other means for getting assistance.
  8. What is the important advantage of implementing self-service technology?
    It gives the customer easy access to support.
  9. What is the most important reason for providing status updates to customers?
    Customers need to know when they can get bck to work.
  10. What is the best practice for documenting incidents?
    Use acronyms to keep the description brief.
  11. What is the best reason for documenting processes and procedures?
    Documenting processes and procedures ensures that the service level is consistent.
  12. What best describes your responsibilities as an analyst?
    To increase customer satisfaction.
  13. What is the best reason for matching the customer's communication style?
    To increase customer satisfaction.
  14. What is the principle purpose of company policies?
    Provide clear definitions of boundaries.
  15. What is the best reason for demonstrating confidence?
    Demonstrating confidence puts you in control of calls.
  16. What is the best description of paraphrasing?
    Paraphrasing is using your own words to confirm your understanding of what the customer has said.
  17. You have asked customer to reboot his or her pc. What is the bestway to use the silent time.
    Review the call history.
  18. What type of requests are self-service systems best for resolving?
    High volume, low complexity requests.
  19. What information should be documented for every incident?
    All information pertaining to attempted and successful resolutions.
  20. What is the best reason for logging all incidents?
    Logging incidents provides information that can be reused.
  21. What is the benefit of recording all incidents?
    Recording all incidents allows the support center to be proactive.
  22. What is self-healing technology?
    Updating registry settings.
  23. Which of the following is NOT considered an electronic delivery method?
    Remote control
  24. What is the most common method for delivering support center services?
  25. Which activity is most likely performed using self-service?
    Reset passwords.
  26. You have received a call, but there are people laughing and joking in your area. How do handle the situation.
    Ask the people to please quiet down before answering the phone.
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