1. boom operator responsible for aerial refueling, load planning, coordinating, supervising cargo, on/off loading operations
  2. Flight Engineer- operates and monitors engine and aircraft systems controls and indicators, recommends corrective actions for abnormal aircraft conditions to the pilot and calculates aircraft weight, balance, and performance data. assist pilots in performing engine starts, run-ups, flight operations, and engine shut down. other systems such as electronics comms navigation hydraulics fuels air conditioning and pressurization
  3. load master- load planning and loading of cargo and troops, computing aircraft weight and balance, ensuing safety and security of all cargo, conducting airdrops, combat offload and providing for the safety/comfort of passengers and troops
  4. mission systems specialist-test and repair of voice and data systems air comm
  5. operations specialist- operates comm, radar, electronic counter-measures, computer displays. maintains comm nets between air-to-air, air-to-ground, and maritime
  6. flight attendant- planning, coordinating and managing all mission requirements related to the safety and comfort to VIP/DV
  7. Cryptologic language analyst specialist- performs and supervises recording, transcribing, translating, analyzing and reporting of assigned voice communication
  8. intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operator- evaluates and manages airborne isr info and related ground processing systems. performs identification, acquisition, recording, analysis and reporting of assigned isr tasks
  9. Special missions operator- performs duties of gunner, FE, and loadmaster is special aircraft
  10. Remotely piloted aircraft sensor operator- first phase battle damage assessment, operate unmaned
  11. manages safety programs, ensures members receive job related and local area safety training, conducts safety inspections, an reports any safety mishaps to the wing safety office.
    flight safety
  12. responsible for the maintenance and administration of training records and training requirements of aircrew members
    aircrew training
  13. administers and documents requirements for standardizing procedures and conducting aircrew evaluations
  14. responsible for the daily management of all individuals assigned under their filght
    flight superintendent
  15. primary provider of air combat power
    Langley Va
    air combat command
  16. air force special operations
    hurlburt  field Florida
    Air force special operations command
  17. rapid mobile deployment, provide airlift and air refueling
    scott afb Illinois
    Air mobility command
  18. largest aor in the pacific
    Hickam afb hi
    pacific air forces
  19. direct air operation in a theater spanning Europe, Africa and parts of asia
    us forces in Europe
  20. deliver sovereign options for the defense of the usa
    robins afb Georgia
    air force reserve command
  21. both state and federal mission.
    air national guard
  22. what is reduced by using a total force concept?
    active, guard, and reserve
  23. what forces compose a joint command?
    same nation different services
  24. what forces compose a combined command?
    forces from more than one nation
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