vocabulary 1 th group communication

  1. abreast (adverb)
    • The soldiers marched two abreast.
    • side by side; in alignment; on top of; up-to-date; well-informed
  2. absorb (verb)
    • I found it impossible to absorb so much informations so quickly. 
    • forms: absorbed; absorbed; absorbing
    • to suck up; take up; take in
  3. abundant (adjective)
    • abundant supplies of food.
    • plentiful; copious; profuse; full abounding with
  4. accommodate (verb)
    • Each apartment can accommodate up to six people. 
    • to have enough space for sb/sth 
    • 2: During the conference, you will be accommodate in a nearby hotel.
  5. accompany (verb)
    • Children must be accompanied by adult.
    • to go along with; to go together with; to join; to attach
    • رافق
  6. Of your own accord
    • He wans't sacked from his job, he left of his own accord
    • without being forced or asked
  7. accuracy (noun)
    form: no plural
    • دقة
    •  the quality of being exact and correct.
  8. acquire  V
    • She acquired an American accent while living in New York.
    • to get or to obtain
  9. acronym
    • a short word that is made from the first letters of a group of words.
    • EX; TEFL is an acronym for teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  10. adamant
    • He was adamant that he had not made a mistake.
    • عنيد 
    • stubborn, tenacious, obstinate, headstron
  11. adapt  V
    • He was quick to adapt to the new system.
    • تكيف
    • adapt, adjust, fit, conform
  12. additive
    • a substance that is added in small amounts for a special purpose.
    • ex; Food additives (= to add colour or flavour)
    • المضافات
  13. adept  Adj
    • very good or skillful at sth.
    • ماهر 
  14. adhere v
    • Make sure that the paper adheres firmly to the wall. التصق
    • 2; This rule has never been strictly adhered to by members of staff.
    • التزم  abide, adhere, involve, take on
  15. backup
    • Her success is partly due to the backup she gets from her team.
    • دعم
    • support
  16. backlash N
    • a strong reaction against a political or social event or development. 
    • رد فعل عنيف
  17. bankrupt  adj
    • The company went bankrupt owing thousands of pounds. المفلس bankrupt, insolvent
    • Noun; bankruptcy
  18. banquet  N
    • a formal dinner for a large number of people, usually as a special event at which speeches are made.
    • مأدبة banquet, feast, function, junket, spread, repas
  19. barbed N
    • strong wire sharp points on it: 
    • a barded wire fence.
    • سلك شائك
  20. bargain  N
    • Let's make a bargain. I'll lend you money if you'll help me with my work. 
    • صفقة deal, transaction, package, bargain, buy, purcl
  21. Overall adj/adv/N
    • adj; The overall cost of the work will be about £200.  إجمالي total
    • adv; Overall, I can say that we are pleased with the year's work.من الأول للآخر
  22. barter  V/N
    • v; I bartered my watch for a guitar with a man in the street. 
    • قايض swap, trade, exchange, barter, give in exchange
    • N; Spices were used for barter many years ago. مقايضة swap, barter, exchange, bartering, truck
  23. bearer  N
    • I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
    • حامل bearer, carriage, trestle, support, incumben
  24. beverage  N
    • Used especially on menu " a drink" 
    • مشروب drink
  25. beyond  prep
    • Most people don't go on working beyond the age of 65.
    • further than, later than
  26. bias  N/V
    • N; a bias against women drivers. انحياز bias, alignment, prejudice
    • V; Good newspaper should not be biased towards a particular point of view. انحياز
  27. bill N/V
    • N; Can I have the bill, please ( in a restaurant) ?  فاتورة
    • V; أعلن advertise, announce, declare, state, report
  28. blanket  N/V/Adj
    • N; بطانية blanket, rug, wrap
    • V; The countryside was blanketed in snow. غطى
  29. blunder N
    N; I'm sorry I've made a terrible blunder.        خطأ فاضح
  30. board N
    N; مائدة board, bench
  31. campaign N
    N; حملة campaign, drive, push, expedition
  32. Candid adj
    adj; صريح explicit, frank, open, outright, candid,  honest
  33. canvass N
    • N; فحص بدقة  
    • تدقيق
  34. capitalize  V
    • We can capitalize on the mistakes that our rivals منافس have made.
    • استفاد  
  35. cargo N
    • N; The ship was carrying a cargo of wheat.
    • freight; luggage; baggage; load
    • حمولة
  36. carpet  N
    • N; We need a new carpet in the bedroom.
    • سجادة rug
  37. cart  N
    • N; a wooden vehicle with wheels that is used for transporting things
    • عربة صغيرة
  38. caveat
  39. dash   V
    V; اندفع rush, lunge
  40. debut V
    ظهر لإول مرة  first appearance in public
  41. decline  N/V
    • N; the country is in decline. ; a process of becoming weaker, smaller ex ; a decline sales
    • V; Thank you for the invitation but I'm afraid I have to decline. to refuse
  42. earnest adj
  43. effusive adj
  44. ambiance
  45. elaborate  adj/v
    • V; to give details about sth
    • ajd; مفصل  
    • detailed, in detail
    • itemized, exhaustiv
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