Xml Midterm

  1. Well-formed vs. valid
    • well-formed can be read by a parser
    • valid can ALSO be validated by DTD or schema
  2. Why use DTD's?
    makes xml data useful to more than one application
  3. document type
    A group of XML documents that share a common XML vocabulary
  4. document instance
    Individual document that conforms to a document type
  5. When using both character data and child elements, where does #PDDATA go?
    • must be first item in content model
    • <!Element myMixed (#PCDATA, child1, child2)>
  6. Cardinality
    operators that define how many child elements may appear in a content model
  7. [none]
    1 child element is allowed
  8. ?
    0 or 1 child element
  9. *
    0 or more child elements
  10. +
    1 or more child elements
  11. when only one of several child elements if permitted
  12. ENTITY
    the name of a pre-defined entity
    a list of entities delimited by whitespace
  14. #IMPLIED
    • optional
    • as opposed to #REQUIRED
  15. standalone="no"?>
    • the DTD contains references to external validation resources(schemas)
    • "yes" means nothing more is required
  16. DOCTYPE delclaration
    what is SYSTEM
    any valid web URL or file mapping
  17. Entities
    used for replaceable content
  18. two main types of entities
    • General entities used within XML data
    • Parameter entities are used only within DTDs
  19. how to use General entities
    • <ENTITY name "sometext">
    • with & and ;
    • <element>&name;</element>
  20. Parameter Entities
    <!ENTITY % name "replacement_text">
  21. What 2 parts do Schemas consist of?
    • data types = the atoms
    • structures = the compounds
  22. atomic data type
    types that have values that are defined to be divisible
  23. list data type
    a value that's comprised of a finite-length sequence of atomic values
  24. What are the 3 parts of of the schema datatypes?
    • value space
    • lexical space
    • facets
  25. facets
    • defining properites of a datatype which distinguishes that datype from others
    • ex. minLength, maxLength
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