Terms of Relationship

  1. Anterior/Ventral
    Front regions in/of the body
  2. Posterior/Dorsal
    posterior regions in/of the body
  3. Superior/Cranial/Cephalic
    toward the head
  4. Inferior/Caudal
    toward the feet
  5. Proximal
    nearest the point of attachment to the trunk (typically used when for points within the extremities, example: the shoulder is proximal to the elbow)
  6. Distal
    farther from the
  7. Medial
    toward the medianplane
  8. Lateral
    farther from themedian plane
  9. Central
    toward the center
  10. Peripheral
    away from the center
  11. Parietal
    outer wall of acavity
  12. Visceral
    inner surface covering an organ
  13. Superficial
    closer to surface
  14. Intermediate
    between other structures
  15. Deep
    farther from surface
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Terms of Relationship
Describes position of structures one to another