1. Definition of a truck company is? TQ
    A truck company is primarily staffed and equipped to perform multiple specialized fireground operations 

    • 1. search
    • 2. ventilation
    • 3. forcible entry/exit
  2. What is the most important non-emergency function accomplished by fire departments?
  3. What, on the fire ground, is capable of killing exposed human life within 3-5 seconds?
  4. What fire gas is 33 times more deadly than carbon monoxide?
    Hydrogen cyanide
  5. According to NFPA, what type of fire constitutes 60-70% of our fires?
    One room fire in a single family dwelling
  6. What are the six basic operations at most structure fires?
    • 1. initial attack line
    • 2. backup line
    • 3. ventilation
    • 4. forcible entry/exit
    • 5. search
    • 6. ladders
  7. According to Mittendork, what does a triple engine consist of? TQ
    Hose, Water, and Pump
  8. According to Mittendork, what does a truck consist of? TQ
    An aerial device and a full compliment of ground ladders and appropriate tools and equipment.
  9. According to Mittendork, what does a quint consist of? TQ
    An aerial device, pump, water, hose, and ground ladders
  10. According to Mittendork, what do specialized companies consist of? TQ
    • 1. heavy rescue
    • 2. haz mat
    • 3. rescue ambulances
    • 4. ladder tenders

    *used to supply additional staffing and equipment at structure fires
  11. For personnel assignments, what are the three priorities?
    • 1. company officer (they set the standard)
    • 2. qualifications of the driver/operator
    • 3. the remaining personnel assigned to a truck company
  12. Remember, fireground priorities normally exceed available staffing on a typical truck company
  13. When considering the abilities and expertise for operation of a truck w/ aerial, what is the more logical and professional approach? TQ
    A promotional position of apparatus operator with appropriate compensation.
  14. If a quint has the potential to perform engine and/or truck operations, who must determine the correct operation? TQ
    The company officer, and he must act accordingly
  15. According to NFPA 1710, what is the minimum staffing level for a truck company of a paid dept.? TQ
    4...optimal is 6

    *national avg is 3
  16. What 5 operations are minimum for a single family, single story dwelling?
    • 1. initial attack line
    • 2. backup line
    • 3. ventilation
    • 4. forcible entry/exit
    • 5. a search

    *These five considerations require a minimum or 8-10 personnel
  17. Logistical operations on a fireground: primary and secondary
    primary- forcible entry/exit, ventilation, search and ladders

    secondary- utilities, salvage, overhaul, and master streams
  18. Single family dwellings require what equipment? TQ
    two engines, one truck and one chief
  19. When responding and engine and truck from one station, what should the considerations be? TQ
    Consider responding the truck first ahead of the engine.

    *enhanced spotting requirements for a truck
  20. Most fireground problems and/or actions that are prime contributors to injury or death are commonly what?
    personnel violating basic safety principles
  21. Falling debris always has the right of way!
  22. Equipment on your apparatus in the street is unusable on the fireground.
    i.e. pickhead axe and a scabbard
  23. State laws give the fire service the right of way when driving to an emergency under most circumstances, but a good driver never demands it. TQ
    A good driver drives defensively, keeping aware of changing conditions and others on the road.
  24. Preparation for an emergency response begins before the call through what?
    knowledge and readiness of your apparatus, basic driving skills and familiarity of your district. 
  25. Time is saved by getting to your apparatus quickly and knowing your fist in area without having to study a map. 
    Know where you are going before you leave the station.
  26. Air brakes have an inherent lag time of _-_ second longer compared to hydraulic brakes.
  27. What is the single largest factor in stopping distance? TQ

    *if speed is doubled, perception-reaction distance is doubled and braking distance is 4X as great.
  28. Image Upload 1
  29. How far should you scan ahead while driving? TQ
    Two blocks in the city, half mile on highway

    *at night watch beyond your headlights
  30. What are 3 factors that can affect your judgement and resultant actions? TQ
    • 1. stationary and moving objects
    • 2. warning devices (stop signs etc.)
    • 3. ability to predict actions or events
  31. Potential accidents are reduced by avoidance through maneuvering. 
  32. Perception/reaction time + brake lag is __ seconds under ideal conditions? At 30 mph this equals over __ ft. before the apparatus begins to stop? TQ
    1.9 seconds, 100 ft.
  33. When responding on a roadway without a raised median, where should you consider placing the apparatus? TQ
    Close to, or on the center of the roadway if possible.

    *Can influence other drivers to pull over and leave more room for maneuvering in heavy traffic
  34. When responding with multiple apparatus, depending on the roadway, what should you consider using? TQ
    The offset formation-lead apparatus in the center, with the other apparatus on the left and/or right side.

    *leads to improved visibility to traffic and each apparatus, and leaves an out in case of sudden stops. 
  35. Historically, most accidents involving emergency apparatus occur where?
  36. Wet concrete roads will require __-__% more stopping distance than dry concrete roadways?
  37. Describe the Doppler Effect
    as a siren approaches an observer, frequency will appear high. as it gets close it will be normal. and further away will seem lower. 
  38. Tall buildings, winding roads, blind intersections, or heavy brush can reduce siren audibility by ___?

    *to clear traffic, use full fluctuating hi-low tones
  39. According to NFPA stats, if nothing is showing on arrival, it will be a false alarm __% of the time?
  40. 30% of fire service vehicle accidents occur while?
    Moving backwards
  41. Block two lanes if possible (one for the incident, and one for your work area)
  42. Who is always the incident commander, and is the person who develops the initial plan for the incident? TQ
    First in company officer
  43. What provides a connection among an incident commander, on scene personnel, and responding resources? TQ

    * a plan of direction should be communicated as clearly as possible
  44. After the first in officer assumes command of an incident, conducts a size up, and determines a course of action the should? TQ
    Issue specific instructions to company personnel at an incident as well as incoming companies.
  45. What will provide the opportunity for inital companies to use their abilities in the most effective manner?
    Proper placement of the apparatus. 
  46. Whose responsibility is it to consider initial truck and engine placement and responsibilities? TQ
    First in officer
  47. Initial companies responding to an incident (ie first two) should consider? TQ
    approaching from opposite directions

    * responding companies can see more sides of the building, primary and alternative water source, and more space in the street for additional units
  48. What should apparatus arriving after the initial companies do if unassigned to a task?
    Stay back in an uncommitted position
  49. Initial priorities (rule of 4)
    Access, ventilation, search (or rescue), water
  50. What causes most fatalities in residential structures?
    non-ambulatory occupants
  51. If nothing is showing and an aerial device isn't needed, where should the truck be spotted? TQ
    Away from the building to allow the first in engine to spot for use of hose lines
  52. How far can a 75-foot aerial device reach? TQ
    Roof of a 4-story building with moderate set back
  53. What is the reach of a 100 foot aerial device? TQ
    roof of a 6-8 story building depending on the amount of set back
  54. Image Upload 2
    scrub area
  55. What are the key factors that affect the capability of an aerial device?
    • 1. height of objective
    • 2. set back
    • 3. length of aerial
    • 4. presence of hazards
    • 5. apparatus constraints
  56. Driving past a building allows company personnel to?
    See 3 sides of the building and leave the front open for other companies
  57. When placing an aerial ladder, it should be placed as perpendicular to the objective as possible. 
  58. Maximum strength of an aerial device is in the ________ position. The preferred climbing angle for ladders is __-__ degrees. TQ
    Vertical, 70-80

    * its easier to climb at 50-60 degrees
  59. Aerial devices achieve minimum stability at __ degrees to the apparatus? Maximum when it is ______ with the apparatus. TQ
    90, IN LINE
  60. It is advantageous for a ladder to be ________ to an objective so that if it settles on to the objective, both beams will rest on it, eliminating twisting. TQ
  61. If solid footing is not available, what should you depend on for support?
    the wheels of the apparatus

    *ground jacks may suddenly shift
  62. On level terrain, chock front and back of duals (or if they are off the ground, chock front wheels). 

    On an incline, chock ____ _____ side of duals TQ
    down grade

    *chocks should be placed before jacks
  63. If necessary to place an aerial device near electrical wires, place it at least ___ ft away. TQ

    *this is 5 more than most material
  64. Bring an aerial device ____ to a victim TQ

    * the victim can't jump to the ladder before it is placed
  65. Leave at least __ ft. and enough room alongside truck apparatus to allow space to open compartment doors and remove equipment. TQ
    30 ft. 
  66. When approaching an objective from a downhill or uphill direction on excessive grades, consider approaching from the ______ side to maximize angle of inclination. TQ
  67. Image Upload 3
  68. When extending a platform over an objective near a corner, it should be?
    extended over the parapet wall and lowered as close to it as possible
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