Sociology Test

  1. An action like killing someone may not necessarily be deviant or criminal deending on the situation
  2. Participant observation is example QUANTITATIVE reasearch.
  3. In England, when Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles will become King. This is an example of ACHIEVED status
  4. The theoretic perspective that focuses on society being shaped by economic rationality and by the relationship between different classes in society is:
    conflict perspective
  5. The theoretical perspective that would see socialization of the rich as passing on their privilege to their children, effectively excluding other people from gaining that privilege, is:
    Conflict perspective
  6. The concept used to describe how a researcher is suing the correct unit of analysis for its research, or is studying the correct thing that needs to be studied:
  7. A researcher lives with a remote tribe for 1 year to find out how they live. This is an example of:
    Qualitative research
  8. A researcher wants to know how many people in the whole of America consider themselves religious. the researcher would do best to employ which method of research?
  9. Acountry called Diamondland has people of different races and different cultures living together. No race or culture is privileged & everyone is treated as equal. This would reflect:
  10. Because of pop music from America that goes overseas, some countries stop producing their loval music. music tastes all over the world become like those in America. This would be an example of:
    Cultural leveling
  11. A person talking loudly on the streets and attracting attention would be an example of violation of a:
  12. In a jail, environment, an inexperienced inmate inmate learning how to survive i person from an experienced inmate would be example of:
    informal socialization
  13. A new prisoner is stripped of their street clothes and given prison jumpers. All their personal belongings are taken them. They are also made to shave bald like the rest of the prisoners. this would be an example of:
    Status degradation
  14. A male accidentally enters a female restroom. The fact that the man's name is irrelevant to the situation demonstrates.
    His sex is a manifest status
  15. The idea of Verstehen is most closely associated with which theoretical perspective?
    Interactionist theory
  16. When a worker feels something is wrong with a project, but refuses to speak up about it for the fear of being negatively sanctioned by his boss & the rest of the project team because everyone wants the project to go forward. This is an example:
    Group think
  17. Which theory would look at how someone is more likely to be deviants because their primary groups are deviant?
    Differential association theory
  18. SOCIAL STRUCTURES is the concept that we use to describe how humans act in the world through decision, and exercising their autonomy.
  19. A study where the findings say something about whole a country like in the US would most likely be a MACRO-level analysis.
  20. In-depth interviews are examples QUANTITATIVE methods.
  21. INTERACTIONIST theory is most interested in dynamics of the power relationships between capitalists and the working class.
  22. If you were a MU football fan at Mizzou, you would be and example of COUNTER-CULTURE.
  23. Cooley's notion of theLooking-glass self refers to an individual's ability to look at society through a human lens.
  24. The concept of the "front stage" in dramaturgical theory refers to where people put on their best front impress other people in society
  25. When we are talking about a person holding a status, it does not matter what theh individual identity of the person is:
  26. HUman interact dead & unborn people as much as they do with people who are alive.
  27. A ROLE is defined as: a socially recognized position social system
  28. The Milgram experiment where test subjects were made t administer electric shocks proves that people are largely immune to the influence of authority.
  29. In a bureaucracy, people's roles are unclearly defined, and individuals do variety of tasks instead of focusing on a single one
  30. The sociological imagination refers to:
    imagining sociological concepts that describe society
  31. From the Youtube video that we watched of the stand up comedian Russell Peters talking about parent beating their children, we learned that:
    What may be considered abuse in one culture may be appropriate discipline in another
  32. Which scenario would NOT be considered SOCIAL INTERACTION?
    • Adult males having relationships with their toy dolls
    • A mother scolding her child
    • A girl playing with her tea set by herself & pretending she's hosting a tea party
  33. Which would be an example of MATERIAL culture?
  34. The concept of "impression management" is most closely associated with:
    Dramaturgical Theory
  35. When someone tells their friends "my job at the grocery store sucks", but continues working the job because he needs the money & cant find another job. This is an example of:
    Role distance
  36. Someone gets selected for jury duty for a murder case. however, it is discovered that the juror might be distant relative of the person accused of committing the murder. Which concept explains why the potential juror was dismissed?
    Role conflict
  37. When someone dresses the way his friend dress, and behave the way they do in order together approval. We can say that his friends are:
    His reference group
  38. JOhn makes friends with Adam So that he can be a part of the cool crowd, since Adam is a popular guy. In the same way, adam also has a vested interest in a hanging out with John since John is loaded with, while Adam himself is a short of cash. Which social interaction theory would best apply?
    Social exchange theory
  39. A person may be a respected member of his community, a church leader, a founder of a charity, happily married man with 2 children. however, when he is accused of distributing child pornography, everyone treats him as a pedophile, disregarding all of his other positive attributes. We can say that pedophile.
    His master status
  40. The social organization concept of "in-group" refers to:
    the group that you consider like yourself
  41. Which of the statements about socialization is FALSE?
    Children are not agents of socialization
  42. Which would NOT be character of bureaucracies?
    Highly personal
  43. Which theoretical perspective would look at how social networks benefits people who are poor, since the network enables these people to rely on others for needs like childcare & food?
    Functionalist perspective
  44. Which statement is NOT consistent with what sociologists say about groups?
    • The group has a tendency to influence individuals toward the group opinion
    • there is a lot of interpersonal interaction in groups
    • the larger the unanimous majority, the greater the conformity
  45. Which would not be consistent with the concept RATIONALIZATION
    Magic & superstition
  46. Which would NOT be an example of BOTH a deviant and criminal act?
    Cross dressing
  47. Which theoretical perspective would be most applicable to showing how the problem of white-collar crime reflects the status of the privileged in society makes them immune from harsh sanctions?
    Conflict perspective
  48. Which theoretical perspective would demonstrate that the underground economy of drugs & prostitution might actually be necessary for certain inner city communities to survive?
    functionalist perspective
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