1. blazon
    to richly adorn;; to depict symbolically
  2. mettle
    strength of spirit; stamina; dependability; ardor
  3. millennium
    a period of 1000 years; any long period of wellbeing
  4. macabre
    gruesome; ghastly; horrible
  5. mince
    to cut into little pieces
  6. minion
    a submissive dependent or favorite; an official subordinate to another
  7. procrastinator
    one  who delays or puts off
  8. prodigal
    wasteful; recklessly extravagant
  9. poridigous
    enormous; amazing; extraordinary
  10. capricious
    unpredictable; characterized by impulsive or whimsical change
  11. captious
    fault finding; disposed to criticize; argumentative
  12. cincture
    anything that encircles; a belt or sash
  13. circuitous
    roundabout; indirect
  14. circumlocution
    evasion of the main point by indirect or roundabout speaking or writing
  15. pertinacious
    stubbornly persistent; not easily gotten rid of
  16. perturbation
    the act or cause of disturbance in a usual condition; such a disturbance; agitation
  17. pervade
    to spread throughout; to permeate
  18. perverse
    obstinately contrary; willfully nonconforming
  19. garish
    extremely bright; overly ornate; showy
  20. garrulous
  21. germane
  22. illiterate
    unable to read or write
  23. imbroglio
    a complicated disagreement; a misunderstanding with serious consequences
  24. articulation
    clear and precise pronunciation; enunciation; a joining together of parts
  25. avocation
    a hobby
  26. badger
    to annoy persistently; to bother or tease;a  small burrowing animal
  27. badinage
    teasing; good natured arguing and jesting
  28. imminent
    about to happen; threatening to occur
  29. circumspect
    cautiously attentive to everything; watchful against error or impropriety; wary
  30. clamber
    to crawl or climb in a clumsy manner
  31. cardinal
    principal; most important; chief; red bird
  32. cascaded
    fell as from a waterfall; poured over; rushed down or out
  33. pertinent
  34. castigated
    criticized severely; punished verbally; rebuked strongly
  35. implement
    to effect; to accomplish
  36. machination
    plot or scheme to do harm
  37. cataclysmic
    sudden and violent on a large scale; disastrous or violently changing in effect
  38. magisterial
    authoritative; dictorial
  39. magnanimous
    noble in spirit; without resentment or envy; generous in forgiving
  40. clandestine
    secret; hidden
  41. clemency
    mercy; leniency
  42. clement
    lenient; merciful; mild
  43. immaculate
    spotlessly clean; without stain or blemish
  44. ghoul
    one who takes pleasure in terrible things; a legendary creature that feeds on corps
  45. prodigy
    one who accomplishes extraordinary things at an early age
  46. category
    a class; a classification; a division
  47. caterer
    one who provides food and services for parties, receptions, etc.
  48. caustic
    corrosive; destructive; sarcasic; biting
  49. cauterized
    seared with hot iron or acid
  50. baffled
    confused; perplexed
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