qbank 20

  1. congenital cardiac cyanoic lesion that shows an absence of septal q waves
    hypoplastic left heart syndrome
  2. hyperpigmented lower extremeity means what
    venous stasis
  3. a patient with dm needs less insulin to control blood sugar, cause
  4. next step when physical findings suggest arterial occlusion due an embolus
  5. which one regresses, capillary or cavernous hemangioma
  6. only abortion that has no product of conception in the uterus
  7. 55 yo with bloddy discharge and a 3 cm calcification underneath the nipple, next step
    open biopsy
  8. bipolar only in winter or fall
    prophylax only for those times
  9. when to do exchange transfusion
    • stroke
    • retinal infarct
    • acute chest
    • priapism
  10. in what leukemia do you add mtx intrathecally to prevent relapse in cns
  11. rx for magnesium toxicity
    calcium gluconate
  12. for what conditions do you not need confirmatory tests
    • simple gerd
    • asthma
    • pneumothorax
  13. leg is slipped capital epiphyses is positions how
    externally rotated
  14. bloody discharge from nipple in a young woman, older woman
    • intraductal papilloma
    • intraductal carcinoma
  15. delivery in a hemiplegic woman
    normal vaginal
  16. which is more likely to benefit the patient, anastazole or tamoxifen
  17. when do you give radiation for breast cancer
    if cancers >1 cm and axillary nodes are involved
  18. when do you tamoxifen prophylactically
    if multiple first degreee relatives are involved
  19. rx for diffuse axonal injury
    keep icp down
  20. rx for a person exposed to hep a
  21. murmurs in asd
    mumrus from increased blood flow thru pulmonic valve and tricucpid valve
  22. lung cancer susceptible with radiation and chemo
    • small lung cancer
    • metastatic tumors
  23. who has abdominal striae
    • dm patients
    • cushings
  24. best initial test for hemochromatosis
    next step to confirm
    when do you do biopsy of liver
    • fe
    • ferritin
    • tibc
    • gene pcr

    to assess degreee of cirhosis
  25. what do you use for severe lead poisoning
  26. most important step for mild lead poisoning
    remove the patient and the source of lead
  27. rx for adrenal insuffiencey
    prednisone + fludrocortisone
  28. diaper rash vs candidiasis
    • candidiasis--skin fold
    • diaper rash--contact dermatitis
  29. lofgren syndrome
    sarcoid + arhthritis
  30. brain tumor in kids causing torticollis
    brainstem glioma
  31. enzyme to look at when thinkng of reinfarction
  32. antibodies for celiac sprue
  33. what kinds of wbc response is seen in listeria
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