Idioms 1 Th group

  1. You make everything sound as easy as pie, George.
    very easy
  2. You've been giving me the same old excuses for months and I'm sick and tired of hearing them!
    to be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for too long
  3. I bent over backwards for you, and you showed no thanks!
    to work very hard to accomplish something for someone
  4. SAID is exhausted again. He's always biting off more than she can chew.
    to take (on) more than one can deal with; to be overconfident
  5. 1: She is my first love, and I am nuts about her. 
    2 : I'm really not nuts about TV, but I occasionally watch watch a ballgame.
    very fond of someone or something; to like or love someone or something very much; mad/crazy about somebody/something.
  6. 1: How on earth did you get that job? :) 
    2: How on the world did you fix that car! ?? :)
    Rhetorical questions used to emphasize the fact that something incredible or very hard to believe happened.
  7. After failing an English test, I had to go home and face the music. my dad will not forgive me :)
    To admit error and accept reprimand or punishment as a consequence for having failed or having done something wrong.
  8. Some of her neighbors describe Amal as drop-dead gorgeous.
    2: Amal! do you thank, I'm drop-dead gorgeous?
    very good-looking; extremely attractive or breathtakingly beautiful.
  9. There were twenty people packed like sardines into a van.
    A large number of people in a small space
  10. He hopes that all the extra advertising will give him a leg up on the competition. 
      have a leg up on somebody
    To have an advantage over else; to be ahead of someone.
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