2-2 Personal Characteristics

  1. Accurate-
    Correct, exact, without error.
  2. Adapt-
    The act of or the result of adjusting to a new circumstance or change.
  3. Appearance-
    Outward show.
  4. Attitude-
    State of thought or feeling.
  5. Confidential-
    Revealed in confidence; secret information.
  6. Cooperate-
    To work together.
  7. Courteous-
    Polite, considerate, and respectful in manner and action.
  8. Dependable-
    That which may be relied upon.
  9. Empathy-
    Sympathetically trying to identify one’s feelings with those of another.
  10. Enthusiasm-
    Intense interest; zeal; passion.
  11. Flexible-
    The ability to adapt to circumstances; ability to flex and bend; nonrigid.
  12. Honesty-
    The state of being truthful, trustworthy; genuine.
  13. Initiative-
    The action of taking the first step; ability to originate new ideas.
  14. Innate-
    Inborn; inherent.
  15. Intelligence-
    The ability to learn and understand.
  16. Monotone-
    A single, unvaried tone; having the same pitch; a tiresome sameness.
  17. Patience-
    Calm in waiting, endurance without complaint.
  18. Perceive-
    To become aware of through the senses; to understand.
  19. Perseverance-
    The act of continuing steadfastly, especially in the face of discouragement.
  20. Personality-
    The personal or individual qualities that make one person different from another.
  21. Posture-
    The position and carriage of the body as a whole.
  22. Punctuality-
    A desirable trait of being on time for appointments, work, etc.
  23. Reliable-
    Dependable, can be relied upon.
  24. Respectful-
    Showing respect; honoring; treat with consideration.
  25. Self-Control-
    Control of ones emotions, desires.
  26. Tact-
    Delicate perception of the right things to say and do without offending.
  27. Trait-
    a feature; a distinguishing feature of character or mind.
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