Medical Surveillance and Notifiable Event Reporting

  1. What does ESSENCE stand for?
    Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification  of Community-based Epidemics
  2. At a minimun, ESSENCE monitoring responsibilities should be assigned to how many staff?
  3. How often should ESSENCE monitoring occur?
    Once per day
  4. Ensure accuracy of patient encounter data is entered into what system?
  5. When should a MER be submitted?Who should they be submitted to?
    when a reportable medical event is suspected or confirmed.   submit to Navy Disease Reporting System, internet (NDRSi)
  6. Who should you request consultative epidemiologic services from?
    The regional Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit (NEPMU)
  7. Who is responsible for providing consultative services and technical assistance for outbreak and medical even investigations?
    Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit
  8. How often should analysis of ESSENCE data to maintain situational awareness occur?
  9. The medical event report (MER) is assigned report control symbol?
    NAVMED 6220-3
  10. How long is the reporting requirement for MER approved for?
    3 years from the date of instruction
  11. What are the two reasons why a medical department providing inpatient or outpatient medical care would submit a MER?
    • A Tri-Service reportable condition is suspected or confirmed
    • Notified of a significant communicable disease outbreak
  12. The occurence, in a community or region, of cases of an illness or other health related events in excess of normal expectancy
  13. What is the preferred method for submitting a Medical Event Report?
    Navy Disease Reporting System internet (NDRSi)
  14. How long do you have to report an outbreak to NDRSi once confirmed?
    24 Hours
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Medical Surveillance and Notifiable Event Reporting