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  1. ichoate
    ADJ. recently begun; rudimentary; elementary
  2. incidence
    N. rate of occurrence; particular occurrence
  3. incidental
    ADJ. not essential; minor
  4. incipient
    ADJ. beginning; in an early stage
  5. incisive
    ADJ. cutting; sharp
  6. incite
    V. arouse to action; goad; motivate; induce to exist
  7. inclement
    ADJ. stormy; unkind
  8. incline
    N. slope; slant
  9. inclined
    ADJ. tending or leaning toward; bent
  10. inclusive
    ADJ. tending to include all
  11. incoherence
    N. unintelligibility; lack of logic or relevance
  12. incompatible
    ADJ. inharmonious
  13. incongruous
    ADJ. not fitting; absurd
  14. inconsequential
    ADJ. insignificant; unimportant
  15. inconsistency
    N. state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness
  16. incontinent
    ADJ. lacking self-restraint; licentious
  17. incontrovertible
    ADJ. indisputable; not open to question
  18. incorporate
    V. introduce something into a larger whole; combine; unite
  19. incorporeal
    ADJ. lacking a material body; insubstantial
  20. incorrigible
    ADJ. not correctable
  21. incredulous
    ADJ. withholding belief; skeptical
  22. increment
    N. increase
  23. incubate
    V. hatch; scheme
  24. inculcate
    V. teach; instill
  25. incumbent
    ADJ. obligatory; currently holding an office
  26. incur
    V. bring upon oneself
  27. incursion
    N. temporary invasion
  28. indefatigable
    ADJ. tireless
  29. indelible
    ADJ. not able to be erased
  30. indentation
    N. notch; deep recess
  31. indenture
    V. bind as servant or apprentice to master
  32. indeterminate
    ADJ. uncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite
  33. indicative
    ADJ. suggestive; implying
  34. indices
    N. signs; indications
  35. indict
    V. charge
  36. indifferent
    ADJ. unmoved or unconcerned by; mediocre
  37. indigenous
    ADJ. native
  38. indigent
    ADJ. poor; destitute
  39. indignation
    N. anger at an injustice
  40. indignity
    N. offensive or insulting treatment
  41. indiscretion
    N. lack of tactfulness or sound judgement
  42. indiscriminate
    ADJ. choosing at random; confused
  43. indisputable
    ADJ. too certain to be disputed
  44. indissoluble
    ADJ. permanent
  45. indoctrinate
    V. instruct in a doctrine or theology
  46. indolent
    ADJ. lazy
  47. indomitable
    ADJ. unconquerable; unyielding
  48. indubitable
    ADJ. unable to be doubted; unquestionable
  49. induce
    V. persuade; bring about
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