1. fulsome
    excessively flattering; distastefully insincere
  2. furtive
    stealthy; secretive; sly; evasive
  3. futile
    without effect; ineffectual; useless
  4. gainsay
    to deny; to contradict
  5. galaxy
    a system of celestial bodies; a group of notable people
  6. gamut
    entire range or extent of
  7. commendatory
    reflecting praise or recommendation; worthy of praise
  8. commensurate
    equal in measure; properly proportionate
  9. loquacious
  10. commodious
    spacious; roomy
  11. communal
    pertaining to or belonging to a community or group; public
  12. commuted
    changed to something less severe; substituted
  13. compatible
    easy to get along with; agreeable
  14. compendium
    a comprehesive and concise summary
  15. complement
    that which fills up or adds to for completion; that which must be added
  16. inalienable
    no subject to be taken away; not transferable; fixed
  17. component
    a part or element of a whole; serving as such a part
  18. comport
    to conduct or behave oneself; to be compatible or in agreement with
  19. refulgent
    shining; radiant; glowing
  20. regression
    a going back; a withdrawing or returning
  21. subterfuge
    a baffling or devious method for avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness
  22. concatnated
    linked together; united in chain or series
  23. concordance
    an index of the significant words and phrases containing them in a book; agreement; concord
  24. concurred
    reached the same conclusion; agreed; occured at the same time
  25. subversive
    undermining with destructive or corruptive; a person who so acts
  26. epigram
    a short, pithy, witty expression
  27. eptiomize
    to represent or typify a whole; to summarize concisely
  28. epoch
    a period or point in time  marked by noteworthy developments, events, or circumstances
  29. compunction
    uneasiness because of guilt; a slight sense of pity or regret
  30. equanimity
    evenness of mind; calmness of temper; composure
  31. equestrian
    pertaining to horses or horsemanship; on horseback; one who rides or performs on horseback
  32. equivocal
    having double meaning; ambiguous; uncertain
  33. condiment
    a seasoning or relish for food (pepper, mustard)
  34. reiterated
    said or done again; repeated
  35. succint
    concise; terse
  36. succulent
  37. imperative
    compulsory; absolutely necessary; a command
  38. condoned
    treated, overlooked, or forgiven as though committed or of no consequence
  39. conduit
    a tube, pipe, channel, etc.; through which something passes
  40. confalgration
  41. eradicated
    completely erased; wiped out
  42. endorse
    to give support or approval to
  43. enervate
    to weaken
  44. confluence
    a flowing together; a merging
  45. relegate
    to put back or consign to an inferior condition; to banish
  46. imperioius
    commanding;  domineering; arrogant; imperative; urgent
  47. inane
    meaningless; pointless
  48. enhance
    to make better
  49. relevant
    relating to the matter at hand; pertinent; applicable
  50. reminiscent
    reminding or suggestive of the past; remembering; dwelling on the past
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