Practice MBLEX Exam (from Steve's class)

  1. Which term refers to the causes of disease
  2. Which Swedish massage stroke will be most effective at alleviating scar tissue?
  3. Which Swedish massage stroke will be most effective at affecting bone tissue?
    Vibration (because it travels deepest)
  4. Which term describes the vulnerable body regions that may be damaged with deep pressure application?
    Endangerment sites
  5. Which term refers to an increase in size of cells
  6. Which condition is considered a degenerative neurological condition?
    Parkinson's Disease
  7. What is the term used to describe a thrombus which breaks free and travels through the bloodstream?
  8. The lymphatics of the body clean waste from which spaces of the body?
  9. To alleviate a client's anterior tilt, where will a bolster be placed when working on a client in the prone position?
    Under the ankles
  10. Which condition features excessive scarring of the liver?
  11. What is the tissue type of the tunica mucosa of the bladder?
    Transitional epithelial
  12. Simple reflexes are governed by which portion of the nervous system?
    Spinal cord
  13. When balancing income statements, what should always equal debits?
  14. Which artery could potentially be damaged with a deep massage stroke at the superior-medial aspect of Rectus Femoris?
  15. Which heart valve separates the right atrium from the right ventricle?
  16. Levator Scapulae muscle attaches onto which scapular landmark?
    Superior angle
  17. Which muscle does not cross the knee joint?
  18. The acronym SOAP stands for
    Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
  19. Which action of the scapula bone will accompany shoulder abduction?
  20. Which term indicates the less mobile attachment of the muscle
    Tendon of Origin
  21. Which founding figure of hydrotherapy cured himself of turberculosis utilizing hydrotherapy principles and applications?
    Father Kneipp
  22. Short, tight quadriceps tissue will have the greatest impact on which muscle?
  23. Which body region is considered to be an endangerment site for massage therapy?
    Medial brachium
  24. Which gland will facilitate the process by which bones absorb calcium from the blood stream?
  25. When observing a client's gait, you are observing which action performed?
  26. Renal failure refers to which failure of which organ?
  27. A blockage within the right thoracic lymphatic duct may cause edema in which region of the body?
    Right arm
  28. Inflammation associated with golfer's elbow can be felt at which boney landmark?
    Medial epicondyle of humurus
  29. Pseudosciatica is referred to as pain mimicking sciatica. The nerve impingement associated with this condition is found at which muscle?
    Gluteus Medius
  30. Which type of muscle tissue is considered voluntary?
    Striated skeletal
  31. In Swedish massage, strokes should encourage blood flow towards which region?
  32. Which muscle group will most prevent the knee from flexing fully?
  33. Which small intestine segment receives digestive enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the gall bladder?
  34. How long do you hold a muscle contraction when employing Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching?
    10 to 30 seconds
  35. What is another term for Tapotement?
  36. Which direction are strokes moving to perform cross-fiber friction upon the Iliocostalis muscle?
    Medial to Lateral
  37. What stage of injury is indicated for a contrast hydrotherapy treatment?
  38. Pressing one superficial layer of tissue against a deeper layer of tissue to improve blood blow is called
  39. A sole proprietorship will have how many owners
  40. Which statement best describes the term metastasis
    a proliferation of cells that spreads to various regions of the body
  41. What action should a therapist take if a client is having an emotional release during a session?
    Stay with the client, listen and continue with the client's consent
  42. Which action will Quadratus Lumborum facilitate
    Extension of the torso
  43. Which IRS tax form will a private practitioner complete for their business's annual taxes
  44. Which of these techniques is outside of the scope of massage therapy practice
    Spinal manipulation
  45. Kneading is another term for which of the five Swedish massage strokes
  46. Definition that best describes transference
    Client's unresolved feelings and issues which are unconsciously transferred to the practitioner
  47. Which landmark of the humurus is viewed in alignment with the greater trochanter when doing a lateral postural assessment
    Greater tubercle
  48. When massaging the anterior thoracic region, which muscle will be found in this region of the body?
    Pectoralis Major
  49. When a client has been injured or depressed for a long time, they can experience feeling of depression called
  50. To fully expose the Rectus Femoris muscle, the therapist will drape to which os coxa landmark?
  51. A client presents with restricted range of motion when bringing their arms in front of their body. Which muscle is mostly likely to create this restriction?
    Rhomboid major
  52. A client informs the therapist twenty minutes into a sixty minute Swedish massage session that they drank three glasses of wine before arriving to the session. What is the best course of action by the therapist?
    End the session immediately and recommend returning at a future date
  53. A client presents with pain and tenderness at the tibial tuberosities on both legs. Which condition is featured for this client?
    Osgood-Schlatter's Disease
  54. When palpating the adductor tubercle, which bone is felt?
  55. Which self-treatment is best for a massage therapist to address pain and soreness in their wrists felt after performing several sessions in one day?
    Ice pack
  56. Two practitioners share a private practice facility. Therapist A is informed that Therapist B is engaging in alcohol and drug consumption with a client. What is the best course of action Therapist A needs to take to rectify the situation in a professional manner?
    Confront the alleged therapist directly about this matter
  57. Which organ is located in the male reproductive tract
    seminal vesicle
  58. Which portion of the eye is the site for extraoccular muscle attachment
  59. The superior and inferior gemelli muscles attach at which femoral landmark
    greater trochantor
  60. The rotator cuff muscles share a common attachment at which boney landmark
    greater tubercle of the humerus
  61. Statement best describes an Informed Consent form
    A written document signed by a client indicating he/she agrees to the therapist's treatment plan and the therapeutic nature of the session
  62. Which marketing technique is considered most unethical by a massage therapist
    placing an alluring picture of themselves on their business card
  63. Two therapists rent the same room in an office. As stated in their written contracted agreement, Therapist A is allowed to utilize the room Mondays-Thursdays and Therapist B is allowed to utilize the room Fridays-Sundays. Therapist A checks the schedule and notices Therapist B does not have a session one Friday evening and books a session of their own. Therapist B dhows up to the room on this same Friday evening to discover Therapist A using the space. What is Therapist B's most appropriate action to resolve this conflict?
    Report this action to the landlord of the office immediately
  64. What is the most likely outcome if a therapist begins a dual relationship with a client
    The client will be lost by the therapist as a paying client of massage therapy
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