Trigger Point STEVE QUIZ

  1. All 3 steps to working a central TrP
    • pressure release
    • strip it out
    • streching
  2. Basic description of neurological theory
    initial stress or trauma
  3. What pathology are tender points used to diagnose?
  4. Examples of a perpetuating factor
    • ongoing
    • carrying purse/backpack on one shoulder
  5. Who did the most recent respected on TrP
    • Janet G. Travell
    • David G. Simons
  6. Examples of activating factors
    • car accident
    • stubbing toe
    • falling down stairs
  7. 3 types of palpation in TrP
    • Pincer
    • Flat
    • Snapping
  8. Of the 3 types of palpation in TrP, which is most effective and why?
    Pincer, because you are getting 2 sides
  9. What is the most useful classification of TrP to deactivate -  "unlocking the door"
    Key TrP
  10. #1 way to injure shoulder
    falling on an outstretched arm
  11. Complete PRZ for Scalenes (3 scalenes/3 surfaces)
    • 2 tear drops : chest
    • between shoulder blades
    • entire length of arm & fingers
  12. Perpetuating factors for infraspinatus
    • pulling cable
    • rowing
    • hairdressers
  13. Names of 3 theories that we believe that cause TrP
    • chemical theory
    • neurological therory
  14. Which of the rotator cuff muscle is injured in a shoulder impingement injury?
  15. Direct pressure following fiber orientation from orgin to insertion, which stroke?
  16. Name 3 muscles that refer between shoulder blades
    • trapezius
    • rhomboid
    • infraspinatus
    • subscapularis
    • levator scapulae
  17. Perpetuating factor for masseter muscle
    chewing ice or gum
  18. What is the muscle that can mimic carpal tunnel syndrome
    scalenes, pec minor, infraspinatus, subscapularis, teres major
  19. What are the steps in working attachment TrP
    • pressure release
    • + & -
    • stripping
  20. Which theory has to do with edema
    chemical theory
  21. What are the 3 objectives of TrP
    • Identify the problem muscles
    • Work related muscles & structures
    • Eliminate px
  22. 3 types of sciatica
    • True Sciatica: impingement nerve root
    • Pseudo Sciatica: false, TrPs mimics symptoms of sciatica
    • Piriformis syndrome: sciatic nerve squished between superior gemellus & piriformis
  23. Which glute muscle refers to malleolus (can be 1 of 3 answers)
    • gluteus minimus (one of them)
    • "minimal muscle, maximum referral"
  24. Crepitus present in your hip and you get an inside (medial) pop - which muscle?
  25. Adhesive Capulitis is a fancy way to say:
    frozen shoulder
  26. Describe symptoms of a bulging disc
    • px
    • referral px
    • slow onset
    • develop TrPs
    • true sciatica
    • inflammation
  27. Bruxism
    grinding of teeth
  28. 3 muscles that would give you heart attack symptoms
    • pec major
    • scalenes
    • latissimus dorsi
  29. Name 3 structures injured in a terrible triad injury *common injury
    • ACL
    • MCL
    • medial miniscus
  30. In carpal tunnel syndrome, what is the name of the nerve that is impinged?
    median nerve - "drove over median"
  31. A hyperextension or hit on the front of the knee, what ligament would be injured?
    Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)
  32. Where are the 3 sites you could impinge the brachial plexus creating thoracic outlet syndrome
    • anterior & medial scalene
    • clavicle
    • 1st rib
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