qbank 18

  1. what is more beneficial in mi , bb or acei
    bb but with low Ejection fraction, both are equally good
  2. when is forceps or vaccum delivery indicated
    in patient with mitral stenosis
  3. mass in the posterior pharynx causing epistaxis
    juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibromaa
  4. signs of vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncopy
    lightheadedness, diaphoresis
  5. most common cause of gastric ulcer if no history of nsaids
  6. what must be kept in mind with misoprositol use
  7. next step in evaluating high alkaline phosphatease
    • glutamyl transferase if high--ultrasound
    • if low..bone
  8. diff between myositis and pmr and fibromyaliga
    • myositis--high cpi
    • pmr and fibromyaligia--normal cpk
  9. mittelshmertz pain occurs when
    right around ovulation
  10. oxybutinyn vs bethenachol
    oxybutinin--urge incontinence

    bethenachol--neurogenic bladder
  11. next step after acs?
    submaximal stress test
  12. causes of rash and fever
    • typhoid
    • gonoccoi
    • endocarditis
    • rmsf
    • meningo
    • sepsis
  13. 2 causes of painless genital ulcers
    • syphilis
    • klebsiella donoviosis
  14. benign polyps found on barium or anoscopy, next step
  15. copper or iud is for 10 years
  16. felty syndrome
    • ra
    • neutropenia
    • splenomegaly
  17. when do you not use dipyrimadole or adenosine for stress test
    in patients with copd
  18. dx for aaa in obese patients
    ct with contrast
  19. what is the only cancer that metastesizes 20 years afer it was excised
  20. 2 cancers afecting the eye
    • retinoblastoma
    • melanoma
  21. signs of an abscess vs an infection
    • abscess--hypovelimea, toxic appearance
    • refractory to antiobiotc treatment
  22. 3 instances for unsynchronized cardioversion
    • vfib
    • pulseless vtach
    • unstable torsaides
  23. when do you do cholestectomy for cholystitis right away
  24. how does an emphysematous cholecystistis presete
    ultrasound reflection from the gallbladder wall
  25. rx for hiv needle stick
    • obtain baseline hiv test
    • give ziduvidine and pi
  26. urethral catherirization is contraindcaited when
    acute prosstatis to prevent sepsis
  27. how much radiation is safe in pregnancy
    5 rads
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