Systems 4 Control systems

  1. Explain Triple modular redundancy
    3 lanes of computation are performed, and a majority voting system produces a singular output.

    Failure of any system has the other 2 correcting and masking the fault.

    Each computer has a monitoring unit that detects failures
  2. what happens to controls in a complete hydraulic failure
    • Manual reversion:
    • Control tabs on ailerons and elevators are released, but require very high stick force.

    A Rat can restore limited hydraulic pressure.

    in A/C with fully powered system, differential thrust may be the only control left.
  3. What does Q feel do?
    Simulates actual aerodynamic forces to the pilots controls, when powered systems are used.
  4. What are the Autothrust modes?
    • (Speed Mode)
    • will chase selected speed, or nearest safe speed.

    • (Thrust Mode)
    • Speed controlled by pitch
    • Speed is not protected in this mode so could stall or overspeed
  5. Autoland Uses glideslope till what height
    50ft Radar then it uses Rad Alt for flare
  6. What are the two types of Redundancy in an AutoLand system?
    • (Fail Passive-Fail Soft)¬†
    • withstand a failure without serious deviation from flight path or without pax safety

    • (Fail Active-¬†Fail Operational)
    • one or more failures can occur, but autoland can still land plane
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