1. CaustiC
    Acidic; Corrosive
  2. Cerebral
    Uses ones brain and intellect a lot
  3. Deft
  4. Misanthrope
    someone who seeks only the worst in people
  5. Petulant
    Irritable; grumpy; Cranky
  6. Appease
    To Relieve by giving into
  7. Pacify
    To Calm Down
  8. Itinerant
    Moving from place to place
  9. Pervade
    To spread throughout
  10. Philanthropic
    showing of love for makind; charitable
  11. Irate
    Extremely angry
  12. Rationale
    Reasons or intentions for something
  13. Slander
    to speak badly about someone in public; to spread rumors
  14. Vernacular
    everday language; natural speech; slang
  15. Epitome
    Perfect Example
  16. Thwart
    to stop something from happening
  17. Vehement
  18. Vie
    compete for
  19. Quip
    Witty remark
  20. Quintessential
    being the most perfect or most typical example of something
  21. Evade
    To avoid by cunning or trickery
  22. Insuperable
    unable to be defeated or overcome
  23. Vulgar
    characterized by lack of taste; crass or crude
  24. Irrefutable
    impossible to disprove; unable to be argued with
  25. Coup
    violent overthrow of a government by a small group;a victorious accomplishment
  26. Cryptic
    Having an ambiguous or hidden meaning; hard to understand
  27. Egregious
    extremely bad
  28. Dogmatic
    characterized by arrogant assertion of opinions or beliefs
  29. Obsolete
    no longer useful or needed
  30. Obstinate
  31. Reticent
    Silent or quiet (Characteristically)
  32. Insolent
    Arrogant; insulting
  33. Zeitgeist
    Spirit of the age; trend of a time period
  34. Apropos
    Relevant; appropriate
  35. Ruminate
    to think a lot about; to ponder
  36. Suffrage
    right to vote; franchise
  37. Sycophant
    a servile person who follows and flatters someone in the hope of winning favor
  38. Homonym
    a word that sounds like another word but has a different meaning
  39. Latent
    potential not yet displayed
  40. Obdurate
    hardened against good influence
  41. Ravage
    to do terrible damage to
  42. Tact
    skill in dealing with people in difficult situations
  43. Uncouth
    crude; unrefined
  44. Cathartic
    Cleansing; allowing a release of tension or emotion
  45. Fervor
    passion; intensity of feeling or expression
  46. Gratuitous
    unnecessary or unwarranted
  47. IMpassive
    WIthout emotion; expressionless
  48. Begrudge
    to envy, to resent
  49. Facetious
    joking or jesting; not to be taken seriously
  50. Table
    to remove from consideration
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