qbank 16

  1. best initial test for wilsons?
    most accurate
    • slit lamp exam
    • high urine copper after penicillamine
  2. what are impulse control disorders
    • ocd
    • tourettes
    • adhd
  3. disptick + for blood, next step
    microscopic analysis of the urine
  4. best initial rx for uc
    5 asa enemas
  5. what kid tumor grows from cerebellar vermis and compresses 4th ventricle and causes hydrocephalus
  6. mass compressing the 4th ventricel?
    mass growing in the 4th ventricel
    • medulloblastoma
    • ependymoma
  7. decrease in hemoglobin during epo therapy is due to
    • infection
    • aluminum toxicity
  8. difference between esophageal spasm and nutracker esophagus?
    nutcracker has increasaed les pressure
  9. next step when enuresis is secondary to stress
    still behavioral therapy,no psychotherapy
  10. urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence/constipation post vaginal delivery?
    abnormal anorectal sphincter tone
  11. plaque on the skin with an adherent greasy base?
    adherent rough base?
    • seborheaic keratosis
    • actinic keratosis
  12. ocp protect against what cancer

    not clear with breast and actually increased with cervical
  13. tia of what artery causes vertigo, speech, blurry cision
  14. ataxia telangiectasia has decreased what ig
    igA and IgE
  15. silicosis is associated with
  16. how does a sick sinus presetn
    • brady with tach( atrial flutter)
    • ventricular pacemaker
  17. what is the only nephritic syndrome with immune complexes in the mesangium
    iga Nephropathy
  18. next step in management once the hemorhids are thrombosed, n
  19. proliferative vs non proliferative diabetic retinopathy
    • proliferative--aneurysms
    • non proliferative---neovascularization
  20. melanosis coli
    patchy brown discoloration of colonic mucosa due to laxatives
  21. rx for acute pulmonary edema
    • dilators--nitrates, hydralazine
    • diuretics
    • dobutamine
  22. mother is not immune to hep b, next step
    give hep b ig to baby and immunization
  23. most accurate test for entamoeba
    serum serology
  24. once a previous kid had sepsis with gbs, next step
    prophylactically give abx for next labor
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