MT4 Final

  1. A specific position of employment is called a ?
  2. Which of the following statements about massage therapy today is NOT true?
    • a.  it is rooted in tradition of natural healing
    • b.  narrowly focused on medical applications
    • c.  maintains a wellness perspective
    • d.  holistic at its core
  3. Recognition given to a school by a nongovernmental organization for upholding high educational standards is called ?
  4. A detailed record of a student's performance while in school is called a ?
  5. A credential given by a nongovernmental non-profit organization that attests to a person's competency in a given profession is called ?
    national certification
  6. In the U.S., what level of government typically regulates professions like massage therapy by issuing occupational licenses?
  7. Nonprofit organizations run by elected leadership, whose mission is to promote their profession, to represent their members and the profession in the larger world, and to offer services to members are called ?
    professional associations
  8. The growing acceptance of massage therapy by the general public is confirmed in ?
    consumer surveys
  9. What chemical, when secreted into the blood stream, controls the metabolic processes of target cells?
  10. Steroid hormones are very powerful because they ?
    interact directly with DNA
  11. T or F:
    Hormones affect distant targets.
  12. Which of the following organs is not a primary endocrine organ although it secretes hormones?

    A.  kidney
  13. Why can steroids pass into the cell when other hormones cannot?
    lipids can pass through cell membranes
  14. Which of the following is NOT typically a way that hormone levels are regulated?

    B.  positive feedback
  15. The "ideal" value for a body characteristic is called the ?
    set point
  16. ? feedback enhances a change in body chemistry.
  17. If a hormone is under humoral control, what "organ" controls the hormone?
    the endocrine gland itself
  18. Oxytocin is released from the ?
    posterior pituitary.
  19. The ? is controlled by hormones from the hypothalamus, and the ? actually secretes hypothalamic hormones.
    anterior pituitary; posterior pituitary
  20. This gland, under orders from the hypothalamus, releases hormones that control other endocrine glands.
    anterior pituitary
  21. Which gland does ACTH control?
    adrenal gland
  22. Insulin ? blood sugar while glucagon ? blood sugar.
    lowers; raises
  23. The ? secretes many different steroid hormones.
    adrenal cortex
  24. Excess secretion of hormones from this gland can cause rapid heart rate, high BP, and anxiety.
    adrenal medulla
  25. These 2 hormones secreted by the thyroid and parathyroid glands control blood calcium.
    calcitonin and parathyroid hormone (PTH)
  26. What are hormones?
    chemical messengers released by endocrine glands.
  27. How do hormones work?
    bind to receptors on/in target cells
  28. Describe "set point" and give 3 examples.
    • a standard level.
    • -blood pressure
    • -blood oxygen
    • -heart rate
  29. Describe process of negative feedback.
    brings body's systems back to set point.
  30. Describe process of positive feedback.
    takes body's systems away from a set point.  (vicious cycle)
  31. Describe how these 3 ways of controlling hormone levels work.
    • Neural-hormones affected by nervous system
    • Hormonal-hormones affected by other hormones
    • Humoral-hormones affected by body fluids (blood)
  32. Describe main functions of hypothalamus.
    links nervous system and endocrine system.  commander-in-chief
  33. What are specific characteristics related to a profession?
    • -unique body of knowledge and skills
    • -valid credentials
    • -standards and ethical conduct
  34. What is the general standard length of entry level massage therapy programs?
    • 500-1000 hours
    • (we get 661)
  35. Why is continuing education important?
    • -keeps therapists up-to-date 
    • -required for certification renewals
  36. What is national certification?
    credential given by a non-government, non-profit organization that attests to a person's competency
  37. What does specialty certification mean?
    to be certified in a specific massage and bodywork system (different modalities)
  38. Give 2 examples of professional organizations and or service member groups which serve the massage therapy profession.
    • AMTA-American Massage Therapy Association
    • ABMP-Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  39. What is hydrotherapy?
    use of water for healing
  40. What is thermotherapy?
    use of heat for healing
  41. List 3 main contraindications for hot stone massage.
    • -acute inflammations
    • -loss of sensation (neuropathy)
    • -pregnancy
    • -high blood pressure
  42. List 3 indications for hot stone massage.
    • -arthritis
    • -trigger points
    • -back pain
  43. What is the temp. range for hot stone massage?
    • 120-140 F
    • (Mrs. T uses 128-132 F)
  44. Which stones are best for retaining heat?
    basalt (iron content)
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