1. According to Drapcho which fuel has the highest energy yield
  2. A certain percentage of ur energy purchases help support terrorist organizations.
    T or F
  3. Drapcho et al. likened a biorefinery to a petroleum refinery
    T or F
  4. Peak oil refers to...
    The fact that world wide oil produciton will reach a peak past it will inevitably decline
  5. According to Drapcho et al., petroleum fuel reserves are expected to be depleted within...
    40 years
  6. according to energy war, petro-authriarian states provide lots of employment through state run oil industries
    T or F
  7. Drapcho et al. defien biofuels as
    Fuels produced by the activity of biological organisms
  8. Saudi arabia believes it oil assets will last
    140 years
  9. According to Abdulrahman Al-Zamil, Former Governor of Electricity in Saudi Arabis, since the oil embargo of 73' Saudi Arabia has decided it doe not want to use oil as an instrument of politics.
    T or F
  10. Thomas Friedman says which f the following states are Petrolous States
    • Venezuela
    • Nigeria
    • Russia
  11. According to Thomas Friedman in Energy War, after the 70's oil embargo, OPEC enticed the US to once again abandon conservation by...
    Reducing its prices
  12. In Energy war when thomas Friedman says, " there is no representation without taxation' he means...
    ALl of the above
  13. The US in one of the Top three oil producing states in the world
    T or F
  14. Energy War claims which country may have had its gas supply purposefullly cut off by the Russians for purposes of political control...
  15. In Drapcho Et al. they claim that annual energy use in China and india increased by what percentage between 1985 and 2005...
  16. According to Energy War some say the hope of Africa is
    The Jatropha Plant
  17. According to the former director of PDVSA, the Argentine National Energy Company, PDVSA.
    All of the Above
  18. According to Drapcho et. al the R&D Act of 2000 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 recommened increasing biofuel production from 5.0% to
  19. According to Drapcho et. al. which biofuel will play a major role in our future
    It is currently not clear
  20. Ben Warner, Communication Manager Gas Terra, in Energy War, if you take all the uranium that can be mined in the world in an energy efficient manner it will add how many years to the fossil fuel age...
  21. According to Drapcho et al. in 2007 the average price for a barrel of oil was
  22. What % of Brazilian driver fuel their cars with ethanol
  23. According to Drapcho et al. which biofuel has the highest energy density
  24. According to Drapcho et al. petroleum fuel reserves are expected to be depleted within
    40 years
  25. According to Drapcho et al. what % of the us trade deficit is due to the import of crude oil
  26. According to Thomas Friedman in Energy War the main reason oil prices will remain high is because
    China and India are entering the Global economy
  27. Drapcho et al define biofuels as
    fuels produced by the actibity of biological organisms
  28. according to drapcho et al. the advantage of microbial conversion processes over chemical processes is that
    microbes are able to select their substrate among a complex mixture
  29. tatiana Mitrova
  30. Mikhail Deliagin
    Statesthat russia needs to use its oil and gas like the US uses the military
  31. According to Drapcho et al. the R&D act of 2000 and the energy policy act of 2005 recommend increasing biofuel production from .5 ton
  32. Another name for Amylose is
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