Final Part Two 101

  1. Ophthalm/o
    Eye, vision
  2. -opia
    vision condition
  3. Presby/o
    old age
  4. ot/o
    ear, hearing
  5. Phak/o
    lens of the eye
  6. Diplopia
    is the perception of two images of a single object
  7. Ectropian
    version of the edge of an eyelid
  8. Emmetropia
    normal relationship between the refractive power of the eye and the shape of the eye that enables light rays
  9. Entropion
    inversion of the edge of an eyelid
  10. Esotropia
    strabismus characterized by out ward deviation of one eye
  11. Adnexa
    accessory or ad joining anatomical parts of an organ
  12. Amblyopia
    is a dimness of vision or the partial loss of sight, especially in one eye
  13. Ametropia
    any error of refraction in which images do not focus properly on retina
  14. Anisocoria
    Condition in which the pupils are unequal in size
  15. Astigmatism
    is a condition in which the eye does not focus properly because of uneven curvatures of the cornea
  16. Otitis Media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  17. Otomycosis
    fungal infection of the external auditory canal
  18. Otopyorrhea
    flow of pus from the ear
  19. Otorrhea
    discharge from the ear
  20. Otosclerosis
    bones of the middle ear resulting in a conductive hearing loss
  21. Periorbital edema
    swelling of the tissues surrounding the eyes
  22. Presbycusis
    hear loss that occur as the body ages
  23. Presbyopia
    condition changes in the eyes that occur with aging
  24. Tinnitus
    ringing, buzzing, or roaring sound in one or both ears
  25. Vertigo
    Sense of whirling, dizziness and loss of balance nausea and vomiting
  26. Cutane/o
  27. Rhytid/o
  28. seb/o
  29. Urtic/o
    nettle, rash, hives
  30. Xer/o
  31. Paroncychia
    acute or chronic infection skin fold around a nail
  32. Pediculosis
    infestation with lice
  33. Petechiae
    very small pinpoint hemorrhages less than 2mm in diameter
  34. Pruritus
  35. Purulent
    Producing or containing pus
  36. Carbuncle
    Cluster of connected furnaces
  37. Cellulitis
    acute, rapidly spreading bacterial infection within connective tissues
  38. chloasma
    disorder characterized by brownish spots on the face
  39. Cicatrix
    normal scar resulting from the healing of a wound
  40. Comedo
    deep state of on consciousness marked
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