1. reverie
    a state of daydreaming, being lost in thought or musing; a daydream
  2. lucid
    clear; shining; distinct; easily understood; mentally alert; rational
  3. ludicrous
    ridiculously humorous; absurd
  4. malign
    to speak badly of; to defame; to slander
  5. rococo
    fancy style of ornamentation with curves and shell work
  6. homogeneous
    of the same kind, quality or degree
  7. write
    to make twisting or turning movements; to squirm; to contort the body as in agony
  8. zenith
    highest point; summit; peak
  9. desideratum
    something needed and wanted; something much desired
  10. despicable
    deserving to be despised; detestable
  11. destitution
    state of being without means of subsistence; great poverty
  12. desuetude
    state of disuse; uselessness
  13. apparition
    a strange or startling visual phenomenon; a ghost or phantom
  14. gouge
    to scoop, dig, or force out; to overcharge; a woodworking tool for cutting holes or grooves; such a hole or groove
  15. precluded
    made impossible or ineffective; kept from happening; prevented
  16. trilogy
    a series of 3 literary or dramatic works related by a common subject or theme
  17. derogatory
    disparaging; defaming; belittling
  18. parochialism
    pertaining to only 1 group; narrowness of interest
  19. hamlet
    a small village
  20. trepidation
    fearfulness; alarm; agitation; trembling from such cause
  21. trenchant
    incisive; perceptive; to the point; keen; vigorous; foreful
  22. truncated
    cut off; shortened
  23. truculent
    belligerent; fierce; hostile; ferocious; cruel; harsh; scathing
  24. inuous
    bending in and out; undulating; winding
  25. nostalgic
    longing for something past or far away; homesick
  26. brazen
    made of or resembling brass; impudent; bold; shameless; defiantly reckless
  27. buffet
    a sideboard; a meal set out on a sideboard rather than on a table; to knock about, push, or force roughly
  28. turbid
    cloudy; dense; stirred up; in a confused state
  29. turgid
    swollen; distended; inflated or bombastic in expression
  30. mummery
    a affected, pretentious, or hypocritical performance; a performance using actions and gestures but no dialogue; a pantomime
  31. extrinsic
    not a natural or inherent part of; extraneous; nonessential (opp. of intrinsic)
  32. crustacean
    a form of marine life having a crust-like shell
  33. culpable
    deserving blame or censure; blameworthy
  34. inextricably
    so involved or entangled as not to be removed or extricated
  35. figment
    something invented in the mind; a whimsical or fanciful idea
  36. invocation
    an appeal or calling up for help or inspiration; an opening prayer for a ceremonious occasion
  37. obsequies
    funeral rites
  38. aesthetic
    pertaining to beauty; sensitive to or appreciative of beauty in the arts, nature, etc
  39. alabaster
    a whitish, translucent, workable mineral
  40. acrimony
    harshness or bitterness of speech or manner; expression of great dislike or deep resentment
  41. mordant
    sarcastic; caustic; biting
  42. limpid
    clear; transparent
  43. capitulate
    to surrender on certain to terms; to give in
  44. inexorable
    unchanging; relentless; unalterable
  45. chicanery
    trickery; deception
  46. fiasco
    complete or ridiculous failure
  47. obnoxious
    objectionable; offensive
  48. advisement
    careful consideration
  49. aggrandizement
    that which makes richer or greater; the state or result of such
  50. seraphic
    angelic; heavenly
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